You are determined. But do you need motivation?

, You are determined. But do you need motivation?Dear ,
We hope you had a fantastic holiday. Or at least an enjoyable one. 🙂
This weeks newsletter is about motivating yourself to lose weight. Its in fact a re-post, but we thought ideal for this time of year.
The tactics for motivating yourself to pursue other goals too, however, are often similar. You don’t need the proverbial lick in the pants, you just need a system, a structure, and determination to propel you forwards. And, much like diets themselves, no one ‘system’ applies equally to everybody. You are you and she is she!
But the tips we discuss should prove useful, or so we hope!
Thank you so much,
Sidra, David and Tongka
, You are determined. But do you need motivation?Diet and Training
To lose weight you need to act on two ways: diet and training. In fact to get the best results, diet and training must go hand in hand, so as to reduce the calories with diet and burn them as much as possible by exercising.
Unfortunately even the most determined people can give up after a few weeks, when the path is full of obstacles. There are many food temptations, including party invitations, dinner with friends, celebrations and birthdays. Also time is always short and unexpected at work, fatigue or flu can make us skip training.
Unforeseen, even the routine can be a problem for our motivation. The first few weeks we dedicate to our physical well-being 4 or 5 workouts, sometimes more than what was recommended or what we set ourselves; then, with the passage of time, we begin to limit the number of times and a series of problems start to appear that seem to be delayed and force us to skip or postpone our training session.
Most of us soon find ourselves sadly looking at our new running shoes and clothes bought only a few months before and, most important, thinking about ourselves like someone who once again failed to meet the good purpose he had given himself.
All the new recipes and healthy foods purchased are inevitably replaced by ice cream and pizzas as soon as we lose a little motivation.
How to stay motivated once the initial enthusiasm is gone?
, You are determined. But do you need motivation?Focus on small goals
First, whatever your goal is in terms of physical well-being, learn to focus on small improvements rather than staying focused solely on the final goal. If you need months of training to reach a specific weight or performance, it will be easy to lose motivation.
Instead, setting intermediate goals will help you keep your motivation up and give you the chance to celebrate your results.
As for the exercises, for example, you can set weekly goals. You can start walking 30 minutes a day for 3 days a week and set a target of 10 minutes more each week.
As for the diet you can decide to limit the junk foods before eliminating them completely. For example, if you usually eat fast food twice a week you can eat once a month.
Focusing on small goals is very rewarding because it immediately gives you the feeling of being successful in your goal and gives you the impetus to continue with determination.

, You are determined. But do you need motivation?Measure and recognize your progress

Keeping track of your workouts and results in terms of time, weight, endurance and feelings is a good way to be constantly aware of what you have done and what you still have to do. Depending on your habits you can use a diary or one of the many free online services to keep track of your improvements.
In addition to measuring, it is important to recognize your progress, and take the time to appreciate the path taken and review what remains to be done. Furthermore, to keep motivation high, it is useful to stop and see the positive changes that can be registered.
For example, if the goal is to lose weight, stopping to notice the pants or the dresses that are loose can give you renewed energy to continue towards your goal.

, You are determined. But do you need motivation?Reward yourself

Celebrating your results by giving yourself a gift (a new pair of shoes, trousers, or a massage, a sauna, …) or giving yourself a different day can be very important.
To be rewarded means to love oneself and to reiterate that the search for physical well-being is above all for us. Moreover, the awards and celebrations help break the routine and remove the monotony, which is one of the main enemies of motivation.
Beware, the prize must not be mistaken for the objective. For example, do not buy a dress of 3 smaller sizes hoping to wear it next month. Instead, you decide to buy a new dress only when you have reached a certain weight or a training goal.
Furthermore, the prize should not be a food temptation. “As soon as I lose 2 pounds, I will eat a whole cake”, these attitudes risk putting a strain on your will power and compromising your motivation instead of improving it.
Even better, choose a prize that is not necessarily linked to weight and fitness. For example, it could be the last CD of your favorite singer, a session at the hairdresser, a new book to read in realax.
This way you can gratify yourself for the efforts made and the goals achieved without generating stress.

, You are determined. But do you need motivation?Share your goals
Share your goals with friends and family, talk to them or write to them on Facebook or Twitter. In this way, you will be careful – as well as not disappointing yourself – not to disappoint your friends. Sharing your goals publicly allows us to strengthen our motivation.
You can also find a group or a training partner. Training on your own can become boring and the risk of running into bad days is certainly higher than training with other people, thus enjoying mutual support.

Have fun

The lowering of motivation or the procrastination of training sessions are a sign that we are bored. If the goal we set ourselves will make us rejoice, the secret to reach it as quickly as possible is to enjoy every single step of the way.
The next time you find yourself accusing yourself of skipping training in the gym, stop and take the time to think about what could make your training session more fun or what you could do as an alternative. Maybe you can listen your favorite music while exercising in the gym. Maybe you can change route when you go running in the city.
Enjoying and rejoicing in the pursuit of physical well-being is of fundamental importance to keep our conviction high, so let us respect the programs we have made. Try to have fun!
, You are determined. But do you need motivation?Be flexible
We are invited to a wedding, we eat the cake and drink the champagne, then we feel guilty and desperate because our diet has been interrupted? Better to have fun at the wedding and compensate in the following days, such as doing more training.
You only have half an hour and don’t go running because according to the program you should do an hour or you blame yourself because instead of 3 series of abs you have done 2?
If the answer is yes, you are ruining your path. When we are focused on one objective, the risk is to adopt a vision that is too hard. We think “all or nothing”. The adoption of this attitude can represent an obstacle to maintaining our motivation at high levels.
Furthermore we can choose to focus on the fact that even though we were tired or had little time we were nevertheless able to be part of the training rather than skip it in full or reproach ourselves.

Accept the hard days

Sometimes, despite our motivation and commitment, we fail in our goal. The unexpected exist, accept it. No one is 100% motivated every day. When unforeseen events occur or you simply feel that it is not a good day, there is nothing left but to dedicate some time to yourself.
The risk is to take oneself too seriously and start processing and saying how bad and unsuitable we are: stop these thoughts and don’t allow yourself to demolish your self-esteem. The faster you accept the hard days the faster they will pass and you can return to seek your physical well-being with the motivation of the first day and with your self-esteem intact, if not increased.
Skipping a workout or breaking the diet and then resuming with regularity is a sign of great mental strength and motivation, in the face of the normal contingencies of life. One of the keys to motivation is the serene acceptance of the difficulties.
, You are determined. But do you need motivation?Don’t be afraid to change approach
On the way to our goal it may happen that we feel the need to change our approach. It may be that you are following your program but that it gives you neither satisfaction nor fun; in this case do not be afraid to experiment.
Changing approach to find a more stimulating and entertaining one does not mean to fail, on the contrary, in most cases it means just the opposite. Some examples of new approaches are: interspersing a sport with another (running with spinning, swimming with steps, …), changing gym or personal trainer, or simply change days of the week or training methodology.
, You are determined. But do you need motivation?Keep in mind your initial goal
If you feel that your motivation is going down, try to recall the initial reasons for your goal. If your goal was aligned with your values and was placed in the right way you will see that you will easily be able to overlook the problems and difficulties of the moment and focus on the true goal.



Of these ways to stay motivated, feel free to take the ones you like best and adapt them to your reality and your goal. If you don’t like what you are doing and you feel it as a duty and none of the previous tricks helped you, don’t be afraid to change it.
Seeking physical well-being through something we don’t like is one of the major causes of failure. Surely you can get more and better results by doing something you like best and that excites you.


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