Yoga Changes Everything!

​Unwind the stress. Release the tension. Free your body

Achieve that healthier, fit, toned and happier body at home Without....

  • ​Doing Gym
  • ​Hefty Weights
  • ​Attending generic yoga classes​

Here’s how!

A world-class Yoga trainer and female body transformation specialist reveals a simple Yoga strategy that can be implemented

  • Right away
  • Anywhere
  • Any Time.

In this challenge, you will learn:

  • ​15-minute fitness routine.
  • ​All the right yoga poses to tone up fast.
  • ​Common mistakes to avoid that can hinder results.
  • ​Zoe's signature Extension Training (unlike typical resistance trainings for men).
  • ​High Value in-person training.

Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga is Helping people

This age-old practice has been helping people live longer, healthier and happier lives for millennia — and now it’s more relevant than ever!

Yoga is Art

Yoga is an incredible art of physical training that has the power to improve both physical and mental well-being. In an era of fast-paced lifestyle, ergonomic obstacles and stressful environments, yoga does more than just take the edge off — it revitalizes and empowers you to become a stronger, healthier and more capable version of you. 

Better Shape and Tone

By practicing just a few effective yoga techniques each day, you can experience better shape and tone, less tension and stress, more flexibility, better cardio and respiratory health, more energy, a stronger body — and an overall healthier state of mind.

What you’ll get in Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge

  • Instant download of Digital video training by Zoe.
  • CDs comprising of monthly trainings (physical product)
  • Resistance training goodies by YogaBurn
  • Bonus: Free detailed presentation video about the program.

Why Yoga Burn Total Challenge?

Yoga itself is a very dynamic practice that blends numerous physical and mental elements to achieve a wide-range of healthy results. Whether you want to get in better shape, have more energy, relieve tension areas, relieve stress, rehabilitate muscles or injuries, achieve better tone, work on your cardio and respiratory system, have more focus or simply feel better and happier — this is a unique yoga program just for you. With YogaBurn, women will discover the keys to mastering yoga that works on their terms and be able to achieve remarkable results with every session.


Tension and De-stress


​Vibrant ​& Happier Person


​weight/gain loss


​and Shape Total Body



A Transformational Yoga Program Unlike Any Other

YogaBurn is hosted by internationally-certified personal trainer and fitness specialist who serves over 1 million women around the world. Her international best-selling fitness systems include YogaBurn and are designed to help women of all ages and body types achieve physical and mental well-being while avoiding common mistakes, injuries and ineffective fitness practices. With YogaBurn, you’ll have everything you need to embrace a modern approach to yoga and experience amazing physical and mental health benefits almost immediately!

  • Maximize the health benefits of yoga.
  • Avoid common mistakes, pitfalls and injuries.
  • Boost metabolism.
  • Practice expert yoga extension training.
  • ​Highly customized, follow-along program.
  • ​Shape, tighten and tone the entire body.
  • The ultimate 15-minute yoga program.
  • Perfect for beginners, intermediate and expert fitness enthusiasts.
  • Focuses on a woman’s unique physique for maximum safety and benefits.

I am loving it! I feel so much energy when I am done with the workout. I used to work out before and I hated it so much going to the gym and weight that I gave up. This is truly an amazing program, I just can’t stop want to do more.

Ana Santos-Reyes

I love it! is perfect for me because it has yoga and resistance to it which I need. So instead of doing a yoga class and then another class with weight, I now have this and it simplifies my life. Thank you!

Patti Zaremba

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