The Big Picture of Wellness (+ its 4 basic components):

Wellness, as an individual concern, as well as an industry, has expanded in multifaceted dimensions.
Because, well, who on earth doesn’t want to be a natural at:
  • Living healthy;
  • Living their full potential;
  • Aversing illness;
  • Feeling good 99.99999% of the time;
  • Being at top of their life, relationship and work game?!
Everyone, yes! ! (except that doomster zombie out there in the netherland. But who knows!)
Here, the ping-pong question is, how to tame the ginny of health and wellness choices available today, better yet, maneuver it to serve the self?!
Because, if you’re like me (conscious and concerned about healthy living yet overdosed with tipsy advice all over the multiverse) you’d want to Create and Understand fully, the Big Picture of Wellness (and what it means to you). And that too, before committing to a zillion plus one health and fitness programs.
So, from a place of self compassion and servitude, let’s humbly begin exploring what a tailored and working Wellness regime picture (painted by You, for You) might look like. So, Breathe, ease up, sip on that blueberry shake and read on, for life is easy and lit.
Components of the Wellness’s Big Picture:
  1. The Halt
  2. Self-Directed Choices
  3. Training
  4. Personalization
The Outer Frame for these 4 –> Rinse, Repeat, Binge-Treat!!
Now, let’s scuba-dive in!
1. The Halt (Awareness + Decision to change)
With the influx of information today, it’s easy to get drowned in the sea of “Alerts”, “To-dos” and “know-tos”. Then where to begin and what to shoot at in the fog of cluelessness, health-wise?
Here’s the easy peasy part! Got any frustrations regarding your health (unique to you and your lifestyle need) that kicked your mind today?  Pick them and shortlist 2 (or 3).
Example: Belly fat troubles you (confident being) when you have to give a public speech? Or it secretly haunts your dreams that you’re gonna inherit that cardiovasc ailment from your Uncle Joe. Or basically, this fat just doesn’t look good on you, says your child to you, everyday. That’s your halt.
Or, it can be subduing that sneaky stress that affects your day to day, well, everything – from living to loving to performing well and feeling good. 
Scribble such 2/3 frustrations on paper. Post them on the wall before your bed. That’s your constant dose of awareness’ and you’re being rewired daily to “deciding for change” and that you’re done being this way.
Awareness + decision! There it is, the halt!
To say more, what frustrates you, disrupts your continuity of “feeling good”. It’s the halt that stems intrinsically from inside. So the first health advice should ideally emerge from within you. Ensures better and bigger commitments, pal!
2. Self-Directed Choices
Now that your ‘halt’ is staring at you from the wall, day(or night)-in, day(or night)-out, and  you have mapped out the skeleton of what your wellness regime is gonna look like, time to meat-it-up with daily choices and actions.
Just like awareness, your healthy choices and daily actions must naturally come from inside (self-directed in light of The Halt) unless your Uncle Joe points out a limp in your gate lately. (hang on there)
So what do the self-directed choices mean? They simply mean that you translate your commitments (from the previous point) into an action-kit and tool-kit.
For example:
  • dietary changes in at least one meal of the day for at least one week AND relevant meal plans
  • get-that-butt-out-there goals plus gear (no excuses)
  • seeking advice + knowledge (improving awareness alongside consistent action) and one relevant investment
Sounds too much?  It isn’t, trust that! Add joy (konmari style) to this action plan by visualising what you’re gonna get in the end (before the end hopefully) and don’t forget to celebrate small daily wins.
3. Training (Big time generic and easy)
It ain’t as scary (and sophisticated) as it sounds. It’s all about getting in the zone and in the Habit. Doing the crunchy grit, small changes and goals, day in day out and reaping benefits as you move the needle of change around, one point at a time.
Psst! This is where you’re gonna need:
  • An accountability system (a pal, an app, a nagging spouse or a community or even some – you guessed it – Uncle Joe)
  • tracking progress and rewarding periodically
 Works wonders!
4. Personalization
Personalization can simply be translated into a time-frame! (OK, In this context!)
Whatever new eco-system of habits and choices you have adopted, that is gonna face tweaks and changes for everyone’s good.

Let’s say 21 days, 40 days or 90 days, you decide it, but you need a time frame for habits of change to shed alien skin and be fully and specifically personalized for you.

For example, you adopt a new meal plan, you test it for a week, make changes next week and it goes on to serve your goals better each time.

After the specified time frame, it will be your signature meal plan that’d breathe and live on one purpose : serve uniquely and solely you.

Wrapping it all,

With this simple system to refining older and/or adopting new paradigms and regimes, it’s easier to Know, Plan and Work through your wellness journey! 

Once you master your current goals and find a new 🎯, don’t forget to Rinse, repeat and binge-treat your merry selves.

For the sake and glory of living fully!
Together in pursuit of lit and healthier life,
– S. M
P. S: Have something to share on your latest “halt”? Write away below.