The Best Running Phone Holders in 2020

Running Phone Holders

With all the tech packed into your smartphone, having it with you on a run is hugely beneficial whether you’re utilising GPS for run tracking or you’ve got some music pumping.

It can also be very reassuring from a safety perspective to have emergency contacts at your fingertips. However, while you want your phone with you on your run, you’ll want to feel like you don’t, that way nothing will distract you from clocking that target time!

Few things throw you off your groove quicker than a bouncing phone in a loose pocket or one that jumps out just before your crucial sprint finish. Besides, you’ve got better things to think about on your run, your new PB, a new technique, or that well-earned post run pizza.

Thankfully, the loose phone problem is one that innovators are addressing, leaving casual and serious runners with a range of options to keep their tech safe, secure, and accessible during exercise. Running belts, running armbands, and phone holders fastened around the chest all have their merits and most appropriate suitors.

We’ve taken a look at the very best across the board so you can make an informed purchase and take the stress out of running with your phone.

Best Overall


TRIBE Water Resistant Armband

best running phone holders, The Best Running Phone Holders in 2020best running phone holders, The Best Running Phone Holders in 2020

Price: $14.98

When it comes to running phone holders, less is certainly more. Our top pick maintains a low profile as well as being comfortable and easy to use.

For such a sleek product this armband boasts an array of features. If you live somewhere prone to an unexpected downpour, you’ll be pleased to find out this armband is water resistant and will help you battle all the elements. The design of this armband assures flexibility and comfort with an adjustable strap and a choice of a number of different sizes to give your phone a snug and secure fit.

There are a number of extra features that certainly come in handy to make your run that bit easier. A small but secure pocket for a key allows you to keep all the essentials in one place. With neither your phone or keys loose in your pocket you can concentrate on your run. Finally, from a crucially important safety perspective, the armband features reflective material to ensure that your safety isn’t compromised in low light and near busy roads.

Best Budget


Surpasstime Running Belt

best running phone holders, The Best Running Phone Holders in 2020best running phone holders, The Best Running Phone Holders in 2020

Price: $6.99

A great way to carry your valuables during a run is by using a belt. There are a number of options out there but this one is great quality and super affordable.

Many have reservations about a potentially restrictive running belt but this product from surpasstime is made from breathable materials to keep you comfortable and cool. It adjusts easily with an elastic strap which keeps it firmly yet comfortably in position. This product is versatile for a number of uses so if you are hiking, cycling, or just need a secure place to keep your valuables, then this belt is great. You needn’t worry about phone size either; this belt has plenty of room for your device.

There are also some handy extra features which makes this cheap belt excellent value for money. A handy clip for your keys keeps them in place and there is an extra pocket for any other items you might need for your run. There’s also a headphone jack feature that means you can connect your earphones and listen to music even with the zip done up. With the zip securely fastened and some motivational beats in your ears you’ll be completely carefree as you conquer your next run.

Best Runner Up



best running phone holders, The Best Running Phone Holders in 2020best running phone holders, The Best Running Phone Holders in 2020

Price: $24.75

The FlipBelt is tried, tested, and a trusted brand for lots of runners. The Flipbelt running belt combines innovation and design to deliver a simple and effective product.

The FlipBelt is different from other products, it has no zips or buckles that can cause discomfort and instead has openings to the hollow interior. When the belt is flipped these openings are secured and you are able to set off on your run with your phone and any other valuables safely tucked away. This product is exceptionally versatile and is just as useful day to day as it is on a run. The Flipbelt is slightly more expensive but when you consider the cost of buying a new armband when you upgrade your phone, it’s clear you get value for money over time.

The FlipBelt running belt is machine washable so it’s easy to keep it clean as you log the miles. From a design point of view this product looks great, maintains a low profile and is available in a number of different colours. You can also choose from a few different sizes, make sure you measure yourself before you select as getting the right size will stop the belt from bouncing around your waist and ensure it fits snugly and comfortably during all activities.

Most Comfortable


Bivilictek Phone Armband

best running phone holders, The Best Running Phone Holders in 2020best running phone holders, The Best Running Phone Holders in 2020

Price: $9.99

Comfort is so important in a running armband. For the most comfortable fit check out this armband from Bivilictek.

Made from high quality polyester and spandex this band fits snugly to your arm with lightweight and soft material that guarantees high performance and prevents irritation. A wide range of sizes and colours mean you can get the perfect fit and style for your taste. It’s also compatible with devices between four and six inches, catering for the largest phones from Apple, Samsung, and Google.

This armband also has extra space for your keys or change with two small side pockets. In this small band you can keep all the valuables that you might need on a run, some change goes a long way as you never know when you might pass a nice bakery on a new route!

Best Phone Access


VUP Running Armband

best running phone holders, The Best Running Phone Holders in 2020best running phone holders, The Best Running Phone Holders in 2020

Price: $16.93

Many of us have apps to track our runs. If you are looking for an armband that gives you easy access to your device then look no further.

If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of fumbling in your pocket to stop your run tracking when you are right on the cusp of a personal best, you’ll appreciate an armband that allows you full access to your phone’s features. This VUP running armband can rotate from its original position to make starting/stopping a run or changing your music incredibly easy. On top of that, it utilises quality materials to deliver breathable comfort, incorporating an extra layer of fabric to make the armband sweat resistant.

The strap on this armband is fully adjustable, fitting biceps up to fourteen inches. The card holder allows you to stop any loose earphone wires from getting in the way as it holds surplus wire securely so you can concentrate on your run. For those who like to incorporate tech into their fitness program or those who like to listen to music during their workouts, this armband is the one.

Are running armbands worth it?

best running phone holders, The Best Running Phone Holders in 2020
She doesn’t need one!

Yes definitely, as long as you pick the right one. Here’s what to consider when making your purchase.


Both in terms of the size of your phone and the size of the armband. Obviously, you’ll need to make sure that your phone or device and your new armband are compatible, make sure you check the specifications of the product before you head to the checkout. The size of the armband itself is also important. Apart from looking clumsy, an armband that is too big can also be very uncomfortable. As a general rule, the simpler the design the more comfortable it will feel.


If you need to carry extras like keys or change then find a design with small extra pockets for this purpose. You want the pockets to be integrated well into the design to avoid discomfort. Also consider security, make sure the pocket is safe and nothing will fall out, the last thing you want is to return home from a long run to find yourself locked out!


The material used is important from a comfort perspective. Look for moisture wicking materials that will help regulate sweat to prevent chaffing or discomfort. Also look for a soft material that won’t rub against your skin.

Running belt or running armband?

The two most popular ways to carry a device when you are running are by using a running belt or a running armband. Here are a few things that will help you decide between the two.


A running belt has a storage advantage over a running armband. Most belts provide more space specifically for valuables, but this isn’t necessarily advantageous for everyone. For those who intend to use a running belt for more than just running, a belt will provide more options for storage and a safe and secure place to keep valuables wherever you are.

Distance running

Endurance runners can benefit from the extra storage provided by a running belt whereas those covering shorter distances will benefit from the lower weight of an armband. Nutrition in endurance running is very important and energy gels can keep you going on even the longest runs. A running belt provides storage for these gels and allows quick access while you are on the move. On the other hand, if you are running on the track or shorter distances, it’s important to stay light on your feet. A sleek armband helps you do just that so you can concentrate on shaving precious seconds off your best time.

Use of tech

Most of us use technology to some extent to conquer our fitness goals but some like to use tech more than others. How you use technology will have a bearing on how you store your phone during a run. An armband allows you to start and stop run tracking or view specific workouts easily. If you use GPS running apps then an armband is perfect. A running belt is good for those runners who want to store their phone and forget about it. If you want a safe and secure location for your phone and don’t need immediate access to it, then a belt will suit you well.

Other options

Innovation in fitness technology is constant. These days there are so many products already out there with more being released every year. The freetrain vest is another great option for phone storage. It goes over your running gear and provides a comfortable fit and secure phone storage. A handy clip also allows you to access your phone easily so you can track runs and feel assured in the event of an emergency.

You can also look out for 2 in 1 shorts that have a tight fitting under layer with an integrated pocket. These are great for preventing your phone from bouncing around.


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