Surviving A Plague

Hello ,
Even with our direct access to medical doctors, we cannot provide you, our dear reader, with fresh insight – the Internet is overrun by Corona, naturally.
What we can do is curate links to articles, agencies, statistics, interviews that you might find helpful.
I’ll only add one thing on a related note: in times of crisis, its so important be kind to others, and true to yourself. Of course, you will become exasperated, tempers will flare, frustration sets in – for so many reasons, for so many people. But remember – we all in this together, but apart, and one day it will be over.
On the bright side: nature has gotten a break in some places. Apparently, the canal water in Venice is the cleanest it has been in 60 years: )
And for helpful articles on relaxation techniques and games (coming), please visit our blog!
In any case, see below. Shelter safely.
Thank you so much,
Sidra, David and Tongka


  • Google’s new Covid-19 site: all the information you need, including an agencies / resource directory by city / state / region. Presumably, this will be regularly updated.


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