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The Future of Medicine is

Medicine has reached levels unimaginable until a few years ago. We are facing an important historical period in which the treatments are less and less invasive to offer the patient an acceptable and sustainable lifestyle. After several studies, NAD has proved useful in the physiological treatment of aging and consequently of many diseases.

NAD and its precursors in
human longevity

The coenzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (abbreviated as NAD or NAD + in the oxidized form) is a fundamental component of various redox reactions. Also, NAD plays a role in DNA repair. Among the most important discoveries of these years we find stem cells, nanovectors and 3D prostheses. These are just some of the methods that derive

Essential Vitamins You Need

How to know which vitamins are essential for health? The first step is to find out what is required and what functions are needed. Vitamins promote nutrient absorption and support most vital functions. There is not one vitamin that is worth more than another: each one has a different function and it is necessary for all of them to be part of the diet.

The best Supplements for brain
health and concentration

When we think about diet we often focus on our body and its efficiency. We think about musculature, weight gain and loss, heart and bone health. We rarely stop to think that the brain must also be fed in the right way. When our diet is not enough, here are the best supplements to enhance brain health and concentration. When we think about diet we often focus on our 

9 Essential Vitamins You
Need Everyday

We all know that exercise is essential for staying fit and maintaining weight. However, often we forget how interconnected the mind and body are and how the well-being of one affects the well-being of the other. Exercise is essential for mental well-being and for physical fitness. Have you noticed that after a walk outdoors you find yourself

Benefits of

Curcumin is a spice used both in the kitchen and as a natural remedy. We find it on the market in the form of dark orange powder or in fresh tuber. It has a bright and strong color and was used in ancient times as a natural dye for fabrics and skin. If you know turmeric and have used it at least once, you will know that it has the power to color everything 

Why Intermittent Fasting is better than Traditional Diet

Intermittent fasting has become very fashionable in recent years. It concerns the practice of eating only at certain times and fasting at others. The benefits of Intermittent fasting are weight loss, mental lucidity, and a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Paleo vs Keto Diet: Which One
Is Right For You?

Keto and paleo are among the most popular diet in recent times. Both are excellent choices for weight loss, but using one rather than another depends on our lifestyle. These diets have several common points, but they are not identical and one may be harder than the other to follow.  In general they reduce the intake of carbohydrates

How to Motivate Yourself
to Lose Weight

To lose weight you need to act on two ways: diet and training. In fact to get the best results, diet and training must go hand in hand, so as to reduce the calories with diet and burn them as much as possible by exercising. Unfortunately even the most determined people can give up after a few weeks, when the path is full of obstacles. There are many food

The benefits of pet

Several scientific evidences show the potential of animals as a treatment tool, particularly in hospitals and retirement homes for the elderly, places in which people are separated from the affection and support of their loved ones. The presence of an animal acts as an “icebreaker”, offers topics for conversation and ultimately stimulates 

Sugar, the deadly danger

According to the scientific community an excess of sugar can lead to serious pathologies. Weight gain is just one of the effects that include diabetes, heart disease and other disorders. Refined sugar is considered a drug as it is increasingly difficult to do without it. Let’s see which are the effects of sugars on our body and what to do to fight them effectively.

How to protect your skin
from the sun

Summer is very often synonymous with tanning. Many people, during the warm season, crave the “perfect tan” but it must be emphasized that the benefits of sun exposure are less than the damage that UV rays  can cause on our skin. In fact, with prolonged and incorrect exposure, there is a risk of damaging the skin and causing it to age and, in the worst case histories

Diabetes: One of the Fastest Growing Diseases

What do we mean when we talk about diabetes? First of all, we have to learn that the disease is divided into two forms: type 1 diabetes, with no insulin secretion, and type 2 diabetes, resulting in reduced sensitivity to insulin by the liver, muscle and adipose tissue and / or reduced pancreatic insulin secretion.

A trained dog is a happy dog

Why train the dog? Too often we decide to train the dog when he or her has bad behaviors and they are too hard to manage. The point is that all dogs should be trained by puppies to maintain a certain behavior that can lead to a pleasant coexistence for dogs and humans.


Get relief from joint pain naturally

Joint pain represent painful sensations affecting one or more joints such as  shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle and foot. Joint pain can be associated with swelling and inflammation. The causes are many, including trauma or fractures could cause this disorder to arise.


Back pain exercises and prevention

Back pain is a very common disorder that affects men and women of any age. It is among the main reasons of medical consultation and absence from work due to injury. In fact, back pain can be, in the most serious cases, extremely annoying and debilitating for those who suffer from it.