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, Hi, – don’t you want to clean out your fridge – the smart way?!Adopt or buy a dog?
This is a question many people ask themselves before bringing at home a new puppy. On one hand there are those who prefer to buy it, so they ensure a healthy and purebred animal.

On the other hand, there are those who say that saving a dog from a kennel is much more supportive and beneficial for the animal.



What is better? Buy or adopt?

he answer is not so obvious. It is clear that everyone wants to defend his choices, but in doing the research for this article we realized that there is a lot of misinformation about it.
Many believe that dog breeding centers are run by unscrupulous people who think only about money and don’t care about animal health. Unfortunately this can happen, but there are also shelters run by unscrupulous people who keep dogs in small cages, with little food and who live in their own excrement, all to obtain donations or public funding.
The key is to understand who manages farms and kennels and how it manages it. Because in both cases we don’t want our money or our help to favor a business that can cause harm to animals.
After all, just seeing animals in difficulty, both in a kennel and in a breeding center, we could decide to adopt or buy that specific dog, because we fall in love with him at first sight and all we want is to keep it with us, so many rational reasons loose importance… there is nothing wrong with that.
The point is that not all breeding centers are perfect and not all shelters are perfect. In both cases, it is better to favor those who dedicate their life to animals and take care of them with love.
Having clarified this, let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of buying or adopting a dog.

, Hi, – don’t you want to clean out your fridge – the smart way?!Why should I adopt a dog?

Let’s start with the possibility of adopting. In this case, we are giving a second chance to a dog that has usually had to undergo abandonment, mistreatment, forgetfulness, hunger, cold, etc. Adopting a dog is undoubtedly an act of great solidarity and love.
It means not to rely on the appearance and breed, but on the dog’s chances of recovery. And it also means knowing that even if he doesn’t survive, at least we will have given him affection in his last moments …Who wouldn’t want a second chance to be happy? The main advantage of adopting a dog is that you will save his life and give him a dignified existence (which of course he deserves).
Also many of these dogs have already had a home, or have survived the road, they will know how to behave in different situations. They will patiently learn to trust you and become your lifelong ally.
However, we don’t necessarily have to go to a kennel  to adopt a dog. A neighbor or friend may have puppies to give for free, so we could bring a puppy at home and help our friends to arrange the litter. Or, we can decide to adopt an adult dog.
In fact, there are people forced to separate from their animals for various reasons, for example because they have to leave abroad or because they are ill and can no longer take care of them. In this way, we help the dog and help his human companion who will be more comfortable knowing that he is in good hands.
Among the other advantages of adopting a dog, there is certainly the economic reason. By not having to buy it, you will save money, since purebred dogs cost a lot. You can spend 500 -1000 $ or more. You will make better use of your money for medical treatment and food.
, Hi, – don’t you want to clean out your fridge – the smart way?!Disadvantages of adoption
There are also disadvantages in this decision. For example, in the case of dogs in difficult situations, you will not be able to know if the animal will be able to survive the mistreatment or the disease it suffers from. Or you will have to take on a very expensive medical treatment.
In many cases, stray or abused dogs need specific care and attention, which cannot be offered by a person who works long hours outside the home.
Also, you must be careful if there are already other animals in the house, because the new family member could infect them with some disease, or may have behavioral problems.
Finally, you should know that most of the dogs waiting for adoption are not puppies, often they are adult or elderly dogs. These dogs already have their own character and habits, so it is important to speak with whoever manages the kennel, or with the dog owner, to understand if we really can bring such a dog into our home.
We must not be discouraged, but only understand what to expect to better face the situation and give a real chance to the dog we choose.

, Hi, – don’t you want to clean out your fridge – the smart way?!Why should I buy a dog?

Now is the time to talk about buying a dog. This choice is not well seen by many people. Some believe that “friends are not for sale”. However, this is not always negative.
First, dogs for sale are always puppies that we can educate and train.
Furthermore, in most cases, they are healthy, strong specimens and with all vaccinations carried out.
But one of the biggest advantages of buying the dog is to choose the breed. This motivation is not only dictated by appearance and aesthetics. As we know, there are breeds more inclined to some activities, there are dogs suitable for older people, others for families with children, others for adventurous people who live outdoors. There are calmer dogs or more lively dogs that require a lot of energy from us. Or we can choose small or large dogs depending on our possibilities and the space we have at home.
In a nutshell, choosing the breed is not only an aesthetic issue, but a thoughtful choice to ensure that our four-legged life partner has the best from living with us and with our family.

, Hi, – don’t you want to clean out your fridge – the smart way?!Disadvantages of buying a dog

The downside of buying a dog is that, if the breeding center is not managed with criteria, you will support the breeding and the profit of those who market these animals (in many of the breeding the females are forced to give birth every time they enter heat and they are not treated as they should be). Thus you will favor a business where animals are considered commodities instead of living beings. These are the farms that must be controlled and discouraged.
On the other hand, you must know that dogs of some breeds can require special care (both medical and aesthetic), and adequate feeding that can be expensive. Also pedigree or purity certificate of the breed can cost a lot.
Furthermore, in choosing the breed, you must be well informed about its needs. We must never take training for granted. We can buy a Dobermann, a Pittbull, or a Siberian husky and then realize that we are not able to educate them, so it is necessary to contact a professional dog educator. After all, even a small dog, such as a Chihuahua or a
Dachshund, can become persistent and domineering if not properly trained.
, Hi, – don’t you want to clean out your fridge – the smart way?!Buy or adopt? The truth is in between
The choice to buy or adopt, concerns our lifestyle, but for many people it becomes a matter of principle. Many think that the sale of animals should be banned. Others think that females should be neutered to avoid stray dogs. So we could take dogs up for adoption from other families and shelters. Unfortunately, the question is not so simple.
In fact, the dog is the result of breeding. In history, the selection and breeding of dogs has led to the extraordinary relationship with the man we have today. Finding out how a specific breed has developed is useful for completing treatises on the history, geography and culture of a territory and an entire civilization.
The Labradors who guide the blind, the Newfoundlands who rescue people at sea, the German shepherds ready to defend us at any time … these and other extraordinary dogs exist thanks to breeding, selections, training.
The mixed-breed dog so docile and affectionate to us, it is thanks to centuries of training of his pedigree ancestors. If we neuter all the females, close the breeding centers and offer the only opportunity to adopt a dog from a kennel, in a few years the dog species would be extinct and we would have lost centuries of work and a priceless genetic heritage.


Buy or adopt a dog? There is no better choice than another. The choice should be made according to our lifestyle and our beliefs without thinking that it is the definitive and valid choice for everyone. In fact, we could decide to adopt a stray dog with the conscious choice to save his life, or we could buy a dog of a specific breed, because we already know that we can build an excellent relationship with him, or just… we fall in love with his cute nose. After all, things do not work one way, sometimes we think of choosing a dog and instead, is the dog who chooses us.

, Hi, – don’t you want to clean out your fridge – the smart way?!


For comments or questions, feel free to
send an email to aira@healthfitplace.com


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