Blood Type and Diet – Is there Really a Connection?

Knowing More about Blood Type Diet

You have been following a strict diet plan, but it seems like it doesn’t work. Of all your friends who have tried, it seems to work for them – but not you. Maybe, you still need to put a little more effort into your workout routine. Or perhaps, this diet plan of yours is not compatible with your blood type.

Blood Type and Diet

Is there a mismatch between the foods that you eat and your blood type?

Knowing More about Blood Type Diet

The idea behind the blood type diet came from the book written by a naturopathic physician named Peter D’Adamo. The “Eat Right for Your Type” book discusses how people can live longer, healthier, lives and achieve their dream weight. How? By eating foods according to your blood type. Even the type of exercise, the spices or condiments that you should choose should also depend on the blood type diet food lists.

Knowing More about Blood Type Diet

According to D’Adamo, here are the blood type diet food lists:

Type O

For people with type O, a high-protein diet is optimal. Your diet plan should include foods such as vegetables, fish, poultry, and lean meat. Limit your consumption of legumes, beans, and grains. If you want to lose some of your extra pounds, avoid dairy products, corn, and wheat. For best results, your blood type diet food lists should have spinach, broccoli, red meat, olive oil, kelp, and seafood.

Type A

People with type A blood should avoid meat and should eat more seafood, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. For effective weight loss, corn, dairy, and wheat should be avoided. Pineapple, soy, vegetables, and seafood will be best for your diet.

Type B

If you have this blood type, you need a diverse kind of diet. This will include eating seafood, meat, dairy, fruit, and grains. Choose licorice tea, eggs, and green vegetables if you wanted to lose some weight. Avoid ruining your weight loss diet by avoiding foods such as peanuts, corn, wheat, and chicken.

Type AB

For those with this royal blood type, green vegetables, seafood, kelp, and tofu are encouraged, especially if you wanted to lose that extra pound. To be healthier, fish, lamb, fruits, vegetables, and grains are best for you.

People are encouraged to exercise and even take supplements. While you really may realize health improvements by following this diet, there are few serious studies that have been conducted to support the diet’s conclusions. However, there isn’t much difference between this blood type diet and many diet plans popular today – sticking to the plan proves to be challenging to everyone.


Whether it is effective or not, it is best to consult first your doctor, especially if you need to avoid some foods from the blood type diet food lists.