Best Snacks for Low Blood Sugar

best snacks for low blood sugar

Looking for the best snacks for low blood sugar? Many of us live a fast-paced lifestyle, and since preparing fresh and healthy food takes time, we eat processed, instant food instead. Unfortunately, these are loaded with sugar, fats, and preservatives, which is why many people today suffer from high sugar levels. Sadly, this can affect both our mental and physical wellness.

Have you heard of the phrase “we are what we eat”? This pertains to what happens to our minds and bodies based on the kind of food we consume regularly. Everything that we eat determines our overall well-being. Here, we’ve decided to talk about healthy snacks that you can eat to help regulate your blood sugar levels.

Best Snacks for Low Blood Sugar: Brief Reviews

1. Cinnamon Pecan Granola Cereal from Diabetic Kitchen

Indulge in this great-tasting and guilt-free granola cereal from Diabetic Kitchen. An American couple, Vic and Lisa Johnson, founded the company back in 2004 in hopes to help individuals and families have better and healthier food choices.

Their story goes like this. First, the couple’s son was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Shortly after that, Vic was afflicted with fatty liver disease and prediabetes. Since Lisa was excellent in the kitchen, she decided to concoct great-tasting yet diabetic-friendly recipes that everyone can enjoy without the fear of increasing their sugar levels.

Best Snacks for Low Blood Sugar, Best Snacks for Low Blood Sugar

Product Highlights

This guilt-free breakfast option is not the usual coffee and donut breakfast combo. This cereal is an excellent choice for those who are on a diet, whether it’s keto, low-carb, or diabetic diet. In fact, you can have this as an all-day treat; eat it as a dessert or a snack. You can also combine this with other ingredients and create new and healthy recipes.

This cereal is made to be enjoyed either hot or cold. Just add warm milk or cold cream, and you’ve already got yourself a low-carb meal or a Keto snack. One serving provides 20 percent of the daily required amount of fiber you need, so you can easily control your blood sugar levels without depriving yourself.

What’s more, the product does not contain artificial flavors, sweeteners, or coloring. It is also gluten-free. With this, you can be sure that you are eating healthy food all the time.

The Good

This granola cereal is composed of natural ingredients like almonds, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, and other components that go well with different diets, especially diabetic and low-carb ones. You can eat this tasty cereal any time of the day without fear of increasing your blood sugar levels. The recommended serving of ⅓ cup is enough to satisfy your hunger.

The Bad

Stevia, which is the natural sweetener used in this cereal, has an aftertaste that some people don’t like. This product is also not recommended for people who are allergic to nuts and has a low blood sugar level. The price range for this cereal is also a bit higher compared to other products.


  • Low on carb
  • High fiber content
  • No sugar added
  • Non-dairy


  • Small serving
  • Expensive


2. Extend Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar

If you love chocolates and peanut butter but need to follow a strict diet for weight control and sugar level maintenance, then this is the perfect product for you. This protein bar was created for diabetics but is now also favored by fitness lovers.

Best Snacks for Low Blood Sugar, Best Snacks for Low Blood Sugar

Product Highlights

This protein bar is formulated without added sugar and is clinically-tested and -proven to help control and maintain blood sugar levels up to nine hours. It is also free of gluten, which makes it suitable for those who have an allergic reaction to any food with wheat, rye, and barley.

Also, this nutrition bar is packed with ingredients high in fiber, which is good for digestion. It is also high in protein to help build muscle. Lastly, it is low in fats and carbohydrates.

Each box contains 15 nutritional bars of 15 grams each. It is an easy and convenient way to control and satisfy your hunger, especially while you are on the go. Each chocolate bar also helps in sustaining your energy while you do your regular exercise routines.

The Good

True to their claim, this protein bar helps control blood sugar levels and can suppress hunger. Since the protein bar is individually wrapped, it is suitable to bring along with you as you travel. It can ease your chocolate cravings without feeling guilty.

The Bad

This protein bar used a variety of artificial ingredients and sweeteners. There is also an odd aftertaste when you eat it, and it lacks the peanut butter taste that’s indicated in the brand name. We also found that the texture is quite dry and chalky.


  • Convenient
  • Individually wrapped
  • Diabetic-friendly
  • Good in-between meals snack


  • Contains artificial ingredients
  • A bit bland


3. Diabetic Kitchen’s Muffin Mixes

You can enjoy this low-carb and sugar-free muffin mixes without fear of blood sugar spikes. Diabetic Kitchen formulated another product with high fiber content that you can indulge in every day. The combination of the natural ingredients complements each other, providing you with a great-tasting product.

Best Snacks for Low Blood Sugar, Best Snacks for Low Blood Sugar

Product Highlights

This great-tasting muffin mix is the perfect diet snack for those who follow specific diets such as Keto, diabetic, low carb, and more. It is easy to prepare too. You only need to add eggs, butter, and whipping cream, and then pop it in the oven. You can also add nuts for some crunch.

This muffin mix has prebiotic fibers that offer more than half of the daily requirement our body needs. These fibers help in managing the bodies’ insulin response aside from other health benefits it offers.

This mix contains a combination of all-natural ingredients, namely banana powder, glycemic-resistant cornstarch, sea salt, gluten-free oat flour, and more. The mixture is free of any artificial sweeteners and chemical flavors. It is also free of sugar, soy, and gluten.

The Good

The taste of this mixture is almost the same as the real thing without the added carbohydrates and sugar. It will satisfy your sweet dessert cravings but will not increase your blood sugar levels.

The Bad

There is an aftertaste to the muffin mix that may be caused by the sweetener used for the product. The muffin also sticks to the baking pan if you don’t use a muffin liner. As a result, it can be hard taking it out of the pan without wastage.


  • Low net carb per serving
  • Gluten-free
  • High-fiber content
  • Keto-friendly


  • A bit pricey
  • High-calorie level per serving


4. Ultimate Healthy Bars and Snacks

This bulk sampler pack is a great way to have healthy snacks in the office or while you are on the road. The package contains different hand-picked healthy options for you to choose from.

Best Snacks for Low Blood Sugar, Best Snacks for Low Blood Sugar

Product Highlights

The package has 60 individually wrapped and hand-picked healthy snack bars that you can consume whenever and wherever you are. The Care Package has varied contents like low carb, low calorie, and non-GMO, among others.

This product is a great snack alternative to chips and other junk foods. The package comes in an elegant gift box. You can purchase it for your consumption or send it as a gift to your family and friends.

The list of healthy snack bars may change depending on the availability of the products, but you can be sure of getting fresh and healthy snacks from each package.

The Good

Each package offers a variety of full-size, healthy snack bars, so you can eat a different kind each time you need something to satisfy your craving. Each bar helps in increasing your sugar level if it’s down while the low carb snacks control your glucose level.

The Bad

Some snack bars in the package are either expired or near the expiration date. If you purchase this package for your consumption, you need to check each bar and eat the ones that are about to expire first.


  • Affordable
  • Assorted snack bars
  • A good alternative for junk food
  • Good in-between meals snack


  • Same flavors for each variety
  • Some are expired


5. Youtopia Snack Packs

If you are on the hunt for a healthy snack, then your search is over. Check out these snack packs from Youtopia. This snack pack does not only offer your typical snack bars. Each package is perfect for breakfast, in-between snack, dessert, or something to munch on while on the road. This snack pack is also an excellent gift for your friends and family.

Best Snacks for Low Blood Sugar, Best Snacks for Low Blood Sugar

Product Highlights

Each package is prepared as per serving suggestion, so there’s no fear of overeating. Each serving contains 130 calories of combined cookie protein puffs, roasted almonds, dark chocolate goodies, fava crisps, and protein pretzels.

This healthy snack pack is available in three variants: Bananas for Chocolate, Espresso Obsesso, and So Money Honey Mustard. All flavors are high in protein, low in sugar, GMO-free, and gluten-free.

You’d also be thrilled to know that this product was recognized as the Best Overall Healthy Snack for 2018 and was voted as one of the Top 100 Resource for Office Managers.

The Good

The best thing about this snack pack is the individual packaging done according to the required portion to help avoid excessive eating. The snack pack is also perfect for people with diabetes, weight-watchers, and vegetarians.

The Bad

Some variants have dairy content in it, which is sometimes high in fat. Some flavors are either bland or have a strong chemical taste. The actual snack inside the package is smaller than what is pictured on the wrapper too. It is not advisable to expose the bag in hot temperature for a long time because the chocolate melts quickly.


  • Low salt content
  • Grab and go snack
  • Diabetic-friendly


  • Not keto-friendly
  • A bit expensive


Buyer’s Guide

It is hard to find a tasty and healthy snack that can satisfy your cravings. Most of the meals found in the market today are either packed with sugar or artificial ingredients.

The fast-paced lifestyle we live makes it hard for us to eat fresh and healthy food. You would need a lot of willpower to avoid sugary treats that are readily available in most retail stores. To do this, you have to learn how to choose healthy options.

There are at least four major things you need to look for when buying healthy snacks, which are:

1. Ingredients

The first thing that you need to look out for when buying a healthy snack is the ingredients. Make it a habit to read the nutrition facts on the label. Look for the suggested serving size, and measure it out before eating to ensure that you don’t overeat.

Aside from that, you’d also want to buy food that is high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Snack more on vegetables, fruits, low or non-fat dairy, and whole-grain. A meal with combined protein and carbohydrates are more filling and beneficial than eating chips.

2. Sugar Content

Do not buy snacks if the sugar information is on the top list as it may include a lot of calories. The sugar content in any food is one of the essential ingredients that you need to avoid as it may increase your blood sugar level.

Instead, look for snacks with added sugar that does not exceed eight grams per serving. Also, be aware of the other names for sugar that some manufacturers use.

3. Size

Consider each snack as a mini-meal and only eat one serving per snack time. Try not to eat while doing something else as it may result in overeating. Another trick you can do is to measure out your snack and transfer it on a small plate instead of eating straight out of the package.

4. Price

For some people, the price of the snack is also important, especially those who are tight on the budget. During times like these, it is best to snack on natural food like fruits and vegetables.

Cottage cheese is also an affordable but healthy snack because of its high protein content. You will find a lot of natural and affordable food to snack on that are full of health benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Suffering from low blood sugar? Keeping track and being careful of the food and drinks that you consume may help with your condition. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions that those who suffer from low blood sugar ask:

1. How can I raise my low blood sugar quickly?

If you are experiencing hypoglycemia, munch on quick-sugar foods to increase your blood sugar level, and then wait for a few minutes before rechecking your blood sugar. Take another bite of the snack if needed.

2. Are bananas good for low blood sugar?

Bananas are high in carbohydrates and sugar, which are the main component to increase your blood sugar level. Hence, if you need to raise your blood sugar level, eating a banana is a good option.

3. How do you feel if your blood sugar is low?

Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia is an indication of a health issue. When your blood sugar is low, you may experience irregular heart rhythm, hunger, fatigue, throbbing sensation around your mouth, and shakiness, to name a few.

4. What happens if hypoglycemia is left untreated?

Glucose is the body’s primary source of fuel. Hypoglycemia may cause long-lasting neurological harm if not treated right away. It may even cause death to some. Our brain is the first organ that will be significantly affected by hypoglycemia.

5. What is the first sign of hypoglycemia?

If you think you’re at risk of experiencing hypoglycemia, watch out for early signs and symptoms of low blood sugar, including dizziness, headache, anxiety, hunger, shakiness, and irritability, among others. If you notice any of these signs, you can drink fruit juice or anything sweet that can raise your blood sugar temporarily before seeking medical attention.

Final Recommendation

Learning how to control and maintain your blood sugar level is vital for your health. Whether you have high or low blood sugar levels, both conditions may cause damage to your health. It can also lead to other serious diseases.

We highly recommend that you take care of your body by eating right to avoid health problems along the way. The best snacks for low blood sugar we have listed here are all excellent choices that you can add to your pantry.

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