Best Deodorants for Summer

Summer stinks.


And instead of enjoying your summer you might worry about whether you smell like hot garbage or sweet incense. Fear not, we’ve got you covered!
Antiperspirant is also a deodorant. However, it contains ingredients, commonly zirconium and aluminum salts, that prevent sweat in reaching the surface of your skin. It also decreases the unpleasant smell that is caused by bacteria. As studies show, aluminum salt has antimicrobial properties that can decrease bad odors.

1. Dove Dry Serum Antiperspirant

Dove Dry is good for people who have a sensitive skin. It is a deodorant which doubles as an antiperspirant, and acts like a softening skincare product. Its serum protects against wetness, which leaves the underarms soft, smooth, and dry.

2. Nivea Antiperspirant dry Comfort plus

Nivea Comfort plus provides an extra antiperspirant, giving you a dry feeling that protects you up to 48 hours from sweat and odor. It is dermatologically proven safe for any skin, and it has no color stains.

3. Lavilin 72-hour Roll-On Deodorant

Lavillin 72 has a good fragrance, but it doesn’t contain aluminum, parabens, and alcohol. A natural ingredient and one that will not stop you from sweating, but it will keep you fresh all day. It has two variations, the roll-on and cream. It has no sticky residue that may be left in your skin or on your clothes.

4. Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Deodorant

Buying this would be a wise choice if you’re one of those people who sweats a little too easily – and profusely. It is the strongest over-the-counter deodorant. It has 20% aluminum zirconium to helps fight body odor.

5. Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant

DK Cashmere Mist has different varieties of scent, including orchid, jasmine, sandalwood, and Lily. It is – arguably – worth the price of purchase because it is very effective in protecting you from sweat and odor. The smell lasts longer, and it sticks to the skin, giving you a long lasting perfume.

6. Arm and Hammer Essentials Deodorant

A & H Essentials is a natural product that has no aluminum content, and it is suited for a tight budget. It has a potent blend of baking soda and extracts of natural plants which work together to fight against odor. It is available in two varieties, the fresh scent and unscented one. It does not leave left stains in your clothes.

7. Rexona Motion Sense Power Dry

Rexona Motion Sense regulates skin perspiration so you will stay dry and comfortable all day. It also has a clean, airy fragrance that lasts up to 48 hours.

8. Almay Hypoallergenic Gel Deodorant

Alamay is a gel deodorant that provides all-day protection. Its gel formula doesn’t leave any residue on your clothes. It also has gentle fragrance that is a hypoallergenic and good for use by people who have sensitive skin.

9. Native Deodorant

If you want a deodorant that smells greatso good, native deodorant might suit you. It is easy to apply, a solid deodorant that is aluminum and paraben-free. It comes from five amazing fragrances of coconut- lime, vanilla-almond, vanilla-coconut, pear-lavender, and cranberry-plum. Native deodorant is made from natural ingredients and is especially helpful for sensitive skins.

10. Kopari Aluminum-Free deodorant

If you are looking for aluminum-free deodorant, Kopari is the most popular one. It has a non-toxic formula that is clear and has a sweet coconut smell. In using this product, it will give you a dry and fresh feeling and not sticky.

While there are a plethora of deodorants available, some are not good for your skin, and some do not last long enough. Before buying one, make sure that it is safe for you and suits what you are looking for in a deodorant –always check the label.