10 Amazing Health Benefits of Dog Ownership

Benefits of dog ownership

The spat between dog people and cat people is never-ending and vicious. But we are all fortunate for adoring a pet.

Owning a dog offers fellowship, provides you an excuse to workout, makes you happy, and gives you entertainment.

But the benefits of having a dog are beyond the horizon.

Take a look at these 10 scientific health benefits of dog ownership.

1. Having a Dog Improves Heart Health

Dogs not only capture your heart but also make it healthier. Studies link dog ownership to a reduced risk of cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases, lower blood pressure levels, and stress. It contributes to overall wellness and fewer heart attacks.

2. A Dog Improves Your Life Quality

Dog ownership improves life quality
Wondering how canine companionship can your life quality?

Well, the simple act of going out and enjoying a daily walk could be the reason. Hunting dog breeds that need more activity, such as the Dachshund and Beagle are among those with the longest lifespans. And dogs encourage their humans to interact more on beaches, in parks and forests.

3. A Dog Makes You Resistant to Allergies

One of the best jobs your immune system performs is recognizing harmful substances and releasing antibodies to fight off the threat. But often it reacts and misidentifies dangerous stuff, causing allergy.

Think itchy skin, red eyes, wheezing, and runny nose. Having a dog can be an activator for people with allergies. But if you have grown up in a house with a dog, it makes you more resistant to allergies.

4. A Dog Alleviates Your Stress Level

dog ownership reduces stress
Dog owners are less prone to depression, anxiety, or stress. If you’re medically unwell and clinically depressed, dog ownership can aid in alleviating a depressive episode (subscribers can request the HFP newsletter on Pet Therapy).

Looking after your pup demands a routine and pushes you to stay active. Thus, you have more chances of interacting with each other which improves your wellbeing.

Studies show that strong bonding between you and your canine friend can you help you stay positive and energetic.

5. Dog Ownership can Increase Your Life Span

A Swedish survey of 3.4 million people showed that a dog companion offers both a longer life span and reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases.

People who live alone have more chance of dying younger than those who live with somebody else. The research shows that those with dogs had a 33% lesser risk of death than those with no pet.

6. A Dog Boosts Oxytocin Level

Having a dog boosts oxytocin
A study in Japan in 2019 discovered that just looking at your pup’s eyes boosts the level of the so-called love hormone, oxytocin in your body.

The gesture of affection and purposeful looks between you and your dog brings a significant increase in oxytocin. Even watching your dog playing makes you happy. Right?

7. A Dog can Improve Your Fitness Quotient

dog ownership helps weight loss

Walking and wandering around with you canine helps you to stay fit and slim.

One survey of above 2,000 people shows that regular dog walkers get more running and exercise. Thus, they remain more fit and in shape than those who don’t walk their pup.

Another study shows that older pooch walkers walk faster and longer than non-dog walkers. Moreover, they are more active at home.

8. A Dog Improves the Immunity in Your Kids

Health benefits of dog ownership during pregnancy are undeniable.

Data from a University of Alberta study show that children born into households with pets (70% dogs) had better levels of gut bacteria ‘linked to decreased risks of obesity and allergic disease.’

Moreover, those kids were less prone to eczema development.

9. A Dog Makes You More Mindful and Social

Having a dog makes you mindful
Owning a dog makes you more attractive. Helps you make friends and appear more trustworthy, approachable, and social.

In one research, disabled people who were pet owners received more grins and had more chats with passerby than those with no pet.

10. Having a Dog Makes You a Date-Magnet

Dog makes you date magnet

It may seem a bit silly, but women are more interested in giving their contact numbers to those with a canine buddy. Research published in PLOS One showed that dogs could be the catalyst for keeping social circles expanding and sparking new friendships.

Wrapping it Up

If you think that you’re the one who takes care of your pooch, you’re wrong. It’s mutual. Your dog takes care of you too. Dogs from the beginning of time have been our best friends. Playful, energetic, and fun to be around, dogs are the best companions to help us change our daily routines. Because of the several health benefits of dog ownership, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor by adopting one!