Why Cant I Lose Weight With Diet and Exercise?10 most common reasons why you are not losing weight

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It is very typical on a weight loss journey that many of us encounter a particular stage where we may think we are not capable of losing weight, even when we are doing everything ‘correctly’.

Obesity is a modern pandemic related to a handful of diseases and conditions that can cut down your vitality and make you prone to an early death. 

Weight loss to improve your health and physique

The best path to avoid conditions as diabetes, blood pressure, strokes, osteoarthritis, joint pain, heart diseases and even some types of cancer is to get to your ideal weight.

But if you are stuck on your weight or even gaining weight, its for one of these 10 reasons.

1. Binge eating

Binge eating is the most common effect of dieting. Consuming large amounts of food in very small time-lapses can be the result of anxiety or food cravings that some food regime tends to bring. (1)

Binge eating, even on healthy foods is not good for your weight loss journey. Calories are still on the count and will impact your final result, so keep control of this by using a food diary where you can count the amount of food and their sizes.

2. You are not including cardio routines

Cardio exercises, also known as aerobic exercises, are the exercising routines that allow you to increase your heart rate while helping you to burn your belly fat. (2)

In this category we can include activities like jogging, running, cycling or swimming as they all are very helpful in your weight loss journey since they help you to lose weight while eliminating the problematic fat in your middle area. 

3. Sleep deprivation

It is scientifically proven that lack sleep influences weight gains just as much as poor 55% and 89% higher risk respectively to become obese and suffer its negative consequences throughout their lives. (3) Also, people who suffer from insomnia eat at least 300 calories more than other well-rested individuals, choosing sugary foods over healthy ones. (4)

So, consider the incorporation of a good sleep routine to your weight loss journey to succeed in your goals.

4. Drinking enough water

We can’t say this enough but, drinking water can help you to lose weight.

If you decide to bring more glasses of water to your daily routine, you can introduce a glass or two 30 before every meal, this will assure a weight loss of at least a 44% more than if you didn’t drink it at all. (5)

Your body will thank you too by increasing calorie burning into 24 to 30% in a 1.5-hour period. (6) After all, the secret to losing some extra pounds is drinking enough water every day.

5. Sugary or alcoholic drinks

Sugary drinks and alcoholic beverages contain high levels of calories which can prevent weight loss thus sabotaging your weight loss journey.

While sugary drinks are linked with obesity and its complications such as type 2 diabetes, blood sugar, and heart diseases, limiting both can greatly increase your weight loss results per week. (7)

6. Gender differences

Recent studies might suggest that weight loss is easier for men than women. However, the ladies tend to maintain weight loss and show more long-term success than the man in this area.

Men and women also differ in the way they lose weight: while men can drop belly fat easily and fast, women had it tough in this trouble area.

7. To focus on dieting

Are you always thinking about your diet? Counting your calories and stressing all the time because of this? Then, let me tell you that this might be the exact cause of why you can’t lose weight.

Studies have shown that a diet doesn’t work in the long term but not only that: the people who abuse them tend to gain more weight over time. (8)

Make sure to dodge that bullet by focusing on your overall health and to improve your wellbeing over the extra pounds so you can fulfill your goals with joy.

8. Metabolism issues

Some people suffer from metabolism issues. This means that their body takes too long to burn stored fat – even if they are doing everything correctly -. How can you solve this? 

There is no way since your genes are the ones to blame. However, other conditions can cause your metabolism to slow down such as very little lean mass, getting older – as your metabolism slows down at a 2 to 4% rate every decade, also influencing on your muscle mass -, and/or you are eating too little plus on a wide space/time between all the meals.

If you want to help to boost your metabolism the best way to do it is to lift weights and avoid extreme diets.

9. Medical conditions which restrain weight loss

Various several conditions can compromise your weight loss journey. Eating disorders like bulimia, hormonal disorders, and heart issues are the best examples of these conditions.

Sleep apnea, hypothyroidism, polycystic ovarian syndrome as well as medication for illnesses such as birth control pills, epilepsy, diabetes, allergies and mental issues like depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia are an example of drugs that may affect the amount of weight lost.

10. Fad diets are not the same as scientifically proved diets

A wide range of fad diets is not scientifically proved, which means that it can be counterproductive for your weight loss journey and affect your overall health since they cause a loss of water and muscle instead of stored fat.

The solution

If you decide to incorporate some mindful techniques – such as a food diary, resilience, perseverance, self-control, and conscious eating – to go along with your current dietary regime and exercise you will be closer to your goal of wellbeing which is, in the end, all that matters.


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