Reasons Why Swimming is the Best Exercise

Why Swimming is best exercise

My students always whine about their BMI, and ask what I do to to achieve my stunning figure : ). Just kidding : ).


Why is swimming the best full-body workout?

  • Swimming tones and firms the entire body
  • Strengthens the muscles
  • Excellent cardio workout
  • Relieves stress
  • It’s a complete body exercise

Swimming tones and firms the entire body.

Unlike weight training and high impact aerobic exercise, swimming does not stress the joints or the muscles. Athletes frequently add swimming to their cross-training fitness program because of the low risk of injury and the all-over physical workout. It also improves circulation, which may reduce the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack.  

Swimming strengthens your muscles

When you add swimming to your fitness program, you can focus on increasing your muscle strenth without the worry of joint and tendon injury. Use different swimming strokes to strengthen different muscle groups. For instance, breaststroke works the entire body and is the most popular style of swimming for a great swimming workout. The breaststroke works the arms, chest, abs, glutes, thighs, and leg muscles. The butterfly stroke and the backstroke work your chest and arm muscles. The heart muscle gets an excellent cardio workout, which also helps to increase your stamina and endurance.

Swimming provides an excellent cardio workout

Swimming is beneficial as cardio workouts because the heart does not work as hard during swimming as it does during other aerobic exercises. The resting heart rate slows by about ten beats per minute when the body is suspended in water. During swimming pool exercise, the maximum heart rate can be as much as 30 beats per minute less than the maximum heart rate. The body weighs about 1/10 less in water than on dry land, which reduces the pull of gravity on the body and may account for the reduced stress on the heart during swimming workouts.

Swimming relieves stress

Swimming helps you to reduce stress, too. Stress contributes to health problems, such as immune deficiency, which can leave you vulnerable to opportunistic infections. Swimming makes you focus on the coordination of your arm and leg movements, as well as your breathing. The rhythm of your actions and breathing helps to relax your mind and body.

Swimming is a complete exercise 

Swimming uses the whole body muscle to propel forward against the resistance of the water. At the same time, your heart is working harder to ensure oxygen reaches the vital muscles to make your body move. I always like to do ten laps of 25 meters short sprints..

For those with lower back, knee problems, or joint issues that cannot withstand the impacts associated with running, walking, and other forms of cardio, swimming provides a good alternative. Aqua jogging can be considered. The buoyancy of water helps you to maneuver faster. When the depth of the water reaches up to the chest level, the healthy body weight is approximately 20 percent; thus, the limbs can move more quickly and have less impact..


If nothing else: I know nobody who doesnt admit they feel refreshed after going for a swim. Of course, the colder the water, the more ‘refreshing’ it is: I hit my own limit swimming in the Pacific near Los Angeles. Now THAT was refreshing!


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