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Help comes from the sky

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In the management of the pandemic, despite difficulties and tragedies, there is an opening for international cooperation. Unfortunately, no country in the world can supply masks, respirators and other medical equipment to meet national needs.

Although many companies have converted their production, the road is still long. And it’s not just a question of money. Even if you want to buy the equipment, you can’t because there are not enough of them, or because the government directs them to hospitals in a state of emergency leaving other areas uncovered.

Thus agreements were made to transport the necessary equipment from one side of the world to the other. Sometimes the equipment is sold, sometimes given away. Sometimes expenses are shared.  These examples of collaboration do not solve the problem of lack of supplies, but they are a strong sign of cooperation.

Here is a great example. A plane from Shanghai arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York carrying an extraordinary load: 12 million gloves, 130,000 N95 masks, 1.7 million surgical masks, 50,000 gowns, 130,000 hand sanitizer units, and 36,000 thermometers.

What you can do from home

How to help your community

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Regarding supplies, not everyone can go shopping or to the pharmacy. The elderly and disabled are the most vulnerable people for whom leaving home represents a greater risk. You can help your neighbors by shopping for them and leave bags in front of the door. You can order lunch in a takeaway and send it to their home. Simple gestures of solidarity can do a lot to help concretely and lift the mood.

Also, you can volunteer or donate to the many organizations that deal with providing food to those who cannot afford it. Many people cannot work and live without a salary, also school closures can mean millions of kids without meals.

Voluntary associations are always active, and since the beginning of the infection, they have been working even more, so they need more funds and more volunteers because the number of people to help is growing dramatically. 

Even food banks struggle as demand explodes. But you can make a difference by giving help! 
If you need help or know someone in financial difficulty, do not hesitate to contact the associations in your area. It is precisely in times of difficulty that we can count on the support of our community with the determination that we will reciprocate as soon as we can.

Kids at Home

Explaining COVID-19 to kids and preparing for Easter
, On the Bright Side
How do you explain COVID-19 to kids? Here is a nice video animation explaining why children should stay at home. 
Remember that the web is full of fake news, moreover, if your kids are in contact with classmates they could have a lot of wrong information. 

To manage the situation and protect your children, you must be the first to inform yourself, understand what the rules are to follow and distinguish the real news from those invented. 

Then, you need to talk to your kids to reassure them taking into account their age and what they already know. 

Here is a little guide on how to talk to your child. 

Easter is coming and now more than ever we must keep the children busy. So, they can decorate their rooms and if we want, the whole house with many nice and fun projects.

Of course, if we are in self-isolation it will not be easy to find all the materials we need, then we need to be smart by recycling what we have at home such as cardboard, milk cartons, plastic dishes, clothespins, old clothes and whatever comes to mind.

Pets at Home

Bored dogs? Try Brain Games
, On the Bright Side
We know that many dogs don’t mind staying at home on the sofa. But many others suffer from staying indoor and prefer to run through the woods. If you have lively dogs it is useful to let them play to distract them and keep them busy. But there are many other interesting activities to do: brain games.

Brain games consist of hiding treats and let the dog find them. The dog has to work hard and use his logical ability to find the treat, also he must use his sense of smell. When the dog uses his sense of smell and tries to solve a puzzle, he uses a lot of energy and the satisfaction of solving the problem is enormous! Start with easy games and increase the difficulty every time.

One of the most common brain games is the shall game, also because it creates a bond between dog and owner:

Take 3 cups and line them up in a row in front of your dog. Place a treat under one of the cups while your dog is watching, give him the OK to show you which one is the right cup. When he chooses correctly praise him e give him the treat. 

Here are 10 Fun Brain Games For Dogs 
Or, as always, try this.

Good News

Where are we with COVID-19 vaccines and treatments?
, On the Bright Side
Virologists from the international scientific community are studying several methods to cure COVID and find a vaccine. Both ways are essential to allow a return to normal life.

Many experts agree that we will have to learn to live with the virus for years to come. Scientific research is tackling the problem with determination and tries to attack the virus from many sides. Some drugs are currently used for other diseases including HIV, malaria, and arthritis.

In Italy, San Raffaele’s Deputy Director explains there are no nationally-approved protocols and each hospital can choose its strategy: “AIFA, the Italian Medicines Agency, has instructed us on a reasoned use of the drugs. So the drugs we are using are existing drugs, repurposed to be used against the coronavirus, based on laboratory results that demonstrate their potential to be effective”.
The situation is similar in other countries. So, where are we with COVID-19 vaccines and treatments? 

If it is true that there is no specific drug for the cure of COVID, we must say that the positive results have one thing in common: the treatments work in the initial phase of the disease. In this, COVID is not different from other pathologies and, as always, a lot of attention and self-care is necessary.

Strengthening your immune system, eating well and treating flu symptoms as soon as they arise, are not just generic advice. Even more in this period, it is necessary to be careful. For example, it seems that vitamin C and hydroxychloroquine, useful in flu treatments can help in the first stage of the disease and somehow mitigate the symptoms even when it comes to COVID. Take care!

Here is an interesting overview from Harvard University  


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