News You Can Use, vol. 2

Corona News

All over the world, companies are converting production to face an emergency

, News You Can Use, vol. 2

Fashion designer Giorgio Armani is converting all production to manufacture single-use medical overalls while Ferrari is thinking of assembling respirators and ventilators. Lamborghini is sewing face masks while Bulgari is preparing gel sanitizer.  

These are some of the several Italian companies that are converting production to cope with the covid emergency and the lack of medical devices in hospitals and among the population.  

There are already many companies all over the world specialized in the production of these goods, the problem now is the large quantity needed and the lack of time. It is a race against time to be able to equip hospitals with all the materials.

What’s going on in the United States?

General Motors is already planning to convert production to meet the demand for respirators, 30,000 needed only in the city of New York. But a few days ago Trump pressed the company to speed up the procedures.

What you can do from home

DIY face mask and hand sanitizers

, News You Can Use, vol. 2

Homemade face masks are not as effective as N95 respirators, but they’re better than nothing for preventing the spread of the covid-19.

Thousands of people all over the world, from Italy to Great Britain, to the United States, are sewing masks at home. Many voluntary associations, convents, grandmothers and young craftsmen, are making face masks to donate and meet the demand of the population.

If you have a sewing machine, take advantage of your skills to help the community. There are many free patterns for sewing a mask, even no-sew mask patterns if you are not good at sewing.

Even if you can’t donate and only make a few for yourself and your family, you will help a lot. Maybe you can decide to give some to your neighbors!
At the supermarket you don’t find a hand sanitizer, so you tried to buy it online but the price has skyrocketed … Just a few ingredients are needed to make it at home! Try DIY hand sanitizer.

Kids at Home

Schooling and camping
, News You Can Use, vol. 2
Around the world, many students, from primary school to university, are at home. While some institutes have equipped themselves with technologies already tested for distance lessons, other teachers organize themselves with simple direct via Skype, WhatsApp or Facebook to teach their students.
Whatever your situation, you could offer your help to the teacher to organize the lessons at a distance, perhaps teaching other mothers the use of technology.
Alternatively, you can stimulate your children with many online resources including history, museums, and scientific experiments. Again, you could show what you found to other parents and then arrange a virtual meeting with the children to do activities together.
There is no need for a teacher all day long. After all, teachers need a break too!
Ok, even when the lessons are fun and interactive, after a while the children get tired of being at school! At this point, you can organize a camping weekend … in the living room! During the week you can put them to work for the preparations:  tent,  beds,  food,  torches, clothes.  
Saturday morning arrange your campsite in the living room, in the garage or in another room. If you are lucky to have a garden go outside, let the kids prepare everything and start camping!

Pets at Home

Training and brushing
, News You Can Use, vol. 2
Playing with your dog is very important and this activity is essential when you cannot leave the house for a walk. Take advantage of this period to play with your dog, and above all, you can make him do something unusual.
For example, if he is an unruly dog who can’t stay at home, you can teach him some commands to make him stay still.
If, on the other hand, he is a lazy dog, you can try to involve him, because training engages the dog both physically and mentally.
Let’s start with a simple thing: lie down! The point is not if the dog can lie down, obviously, she can, but she must do so at your command, so try this
Or, if you’ve been wavering, now is the perfect time to take this up or this
If your house is full of dog hair, in addition to using the vacuum cleaner, you should consider brushing your dog more often.
How often? It depends on the breed of dog and the type of hair. Also, you have to choose the right combs and brushes.
Aside from the hygiene issue, regular brushing builds a bond between you and your dog. Follow these tips!

Good News

Is Covid Defeating Pollution?
, News You Can Use, vol. 2
Global warming and pollution were the main topics on everyone’s lips until a few months ago. We forgot these topics for a while, while our thoughts were busy organizing and surviving the pandemic … yet the world went on without us.

In a couple of months, fewer flights due to the closure of the borders, less traffic and less heating due to the closure of shops and companies.

So the big cities in China, South Korea, and Italy are experiencing a return to the past, a return to normality… the sky is cleaner and the air is fresher. Opening the window means breathing again without the oppression of carbon dioxide.

Does this mean that we will have to live indoors forever to protect the environment? Certainly not, but these days can make us reflect on what our future should be once things will return to normality.

Maybe this is an opportunity to understand that we can really change something.

After all, both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the international scientific community have long reiterated the drama caused by air pollution that leads to 7 million deaths per year.


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