My pet changed my life: Benefits of owning one

Tabby & cat

Going to a pet refuge and adopting a new dog or cat to bring home can be one of the best choices you ever make – well, it was for me.

Having a pet at home can improve your mental, social and physical health in so many ways that it can make you think that you are the one who is being saved instead of them!

Sure, they make mischief from time to time, but despite all, they deserve all our unconditional love.

Here are some reasons to own a pet:

1. Helps you to cope with stress

People tend to feel less stressed when performing certain tasks in the company of their pets. The most amazing part: this feeling of relief is only related to the company of these people’s pets, not their spouse or best friends. (1)

Animal therapy is well known to help trauma survivors to deal up with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms since pets help ease the symptoms of PTSD.

2. Entertains you as well as keeping you active

Of course, having a dog in your home is entertaining! Their behaviour will keep you both entertained and active since you have to be watching them from time to time – thus improving your overall mood as well as the way you approach everyday situations. Who doesn’t feel sorry to leave when their pet barks at them?

Their energy will keep you fit as well.- whether its just daily walks or rigous fetch marathons.

3. Great companions in sickness and in health

Dog barks are often intuitive. According to some studies, your dog can sense your body chemistry with their smell, thus alerting you the minute they sense something is wrong with your health. A study published back in 2013 also found that your pet can significantly change its normal behavior to warn you that something is wrong. Countless dogs, for example, living with diabetics have saved their owners when they sensed their sugar levels had dropped dangerously. (2)

4. A friend to ease your health condition

Dealing with pain and inflammation can be easier with a pet around you. According to the CDC, you will enjoy healthier cholesterol blood levels with a pet in your life. People – especially men – that own pets are more likely to maintain better triglyceride and cholesterol levels than others. This fact might be related to the healthier lifestyle that owning a pet – particularly dogs – can mean, but that’s not yet clear. (3) Additionally, researchers from Loyola University have discovered that if you own a pet you will recover better and faster than the ones who don’t have one, and you might even require less pain medication.

By having a cat, you will also enjoy health benefits: you are at least 30% less prone to suffer heart attacks and 40% less likely to suffer from a stroke or any heart related condition related.

5. Emotionally healthy with the bark of your dog

Have you ever felt alone when owning a dog? Of course not! You are the center of your their universe – as their barks, snuggles and tail wagging (and hunger!) attest

Perhaps, that is the main reason why they are used in many cases of animal therapy to help treat fear, sorrow, and pain.

Several investigations have demonstrated that petting your dog can be the best medicine for people dealing with chronic pain such as arthritis and migraine as well as mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression or, as we mentioned, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). (4)

With your dog’s company, you will also be more prone to socialize than people who don’t own one. Dogs require taking walks, which means you, will stay active physically and socially in your neighborhood, much more likely to meet new people since persons believe that dogs are “friendly”.

6. Having a pet contributes to the mental development of your children

Owning your dog or cat or any other pet can help teach children compassion and responsibility.

Besides, children who grow up with a pet in their home tend to develop faster than those who do not, as they learn to communicate faster and better, as well as empathize better with their families.

If you have a child with autism or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), having a pet can help in mental, social and emotional development. (5)

7. Allergies disappear with the help of your pet

Children over 5 years of age and those over 65 can benefit greatly from the presence of a pet in their homes.

Having a pet at home can benefit the immune system of children, decreasing the risk of allergy throughout their lives.

At the end of the day, love is love

When you have a pet around, not everything is love, laughter, warmth and joy, but this intense bond of loyalty and friendship that you develop with your pet is a remarkable feeling. 




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