Make Fitness Fun Again: The Best Ways to Make Exercising in Lockdown Interesting


Bored of burpees, press-ups and running aimlessly? Me too. Right now, we could all do with a bit of variation in our lives.

Exercise is crucial in keeping the lockdown blues at bay, but with space and time constraints it’s easy for fitness activities to become mundane.

Before boredom strikes, there are many imaginative ways to make your exercise entertaining and keep your motivation and spirits high for the duration of lockdown.

Here are five fun ideas to break the tedium of lockdown, whether you’re housebound or able to roam outdoors, we’ve got tips to make your fitness activities exciting again.

Climb Mountains and Conquer Monuments

While most National Parks are currently closed and outdoor pursuits are temporarily not viable, why not challenge yourself to ascend some of the world’s most famous landmarks from your home!

As some of you may be aware, built in applications on your smartphone measure health data so you can keep track of your movement. For example, on the ‘Health’ app for iPhone you’ll be able to see your steps, walking distance and flights of stairs climbed on any given day.

If you want a challenge, then use the flights of stairs data to reach the summit of some famous landmarks from your home. Here’s some you might like to try broken down into flights of stairs.


Mountain Climb Challenge:

Mount Vesuvius: 427 flights of stairs (1281m)

Mount Olympus: 973 flights of stairs (2917m)

Mount Fuji: 1258 flights of stairs (3776m)

Mount Everest: 2950 flights of stairs (8848m)

To take on these mountains you’ll need a lot of determination and possibly a few weeks to get it completed. If you want to take on the monumental challenge of climbing some of the biggest peaks in the world without the problem of weather or altitude, then look no further than your stairs!

For those who don’t fancy climbing that many flights but still fancy escaping to some famous landmarks then why not try reaching the top of some famous buildings.

Landmark’s Challenge

Statue of Liberty: 31 flights of stairs (93m)

The Great Pyramid of Giza: 47 flights of stairs (139m)

Eiffel Tower: 100 flights of stairs (300m)

Burj Khalifa: 276 flights of stairs (828m)

Walk (or run) Across Countries and Landmarks

Equally, if you’d rather travel horizontally as opposed to vertically, then how about trekking the distance of famous walks around the world. Challenge yourself to cover the distance of these famous routes and vow to visit and conquer once lockdown is lifted for good.

Walking Challenge

Inca Trail, Peru: 42km

The Long Range Traverse, Canada: 35km

Pays Dogon, Mali: 20km

These distances are daunting, so take your time and see if you can cover the distance over a few days or weeks. There are plenty of apps that allow you to track the distance you cover when you are out on a walk or run including Strava and MapMyRun. Take on these challenges as the start of your training to complete the real thing!

Make your Running Route a Blank Canvas

Some find the prospect of running particularly boring, but there are ways you can make this activity more entertaining.

‘Strava Art’ has been a popular craze in the running community for many months. It’s a fantastic way to make your exercise more exciting and get creative.

Strava is a free fitness app that allows you to map and track running or cycling routes from your phone or smartwatch. To create ‘Strava Art’ people map and track particular routes to create a shape or spell out a name.

To map a route, you’ll need a big open field to run or cycle in, or you’ll need to carefully select the roads that will allow you to create the shape you want.

Here are some of the most impressive to give you some inspiration.

make fitness fun, Make Fitness Fun Again: The Best Ways to Make Exercising in Lockdown Interesting

Make Weights from Household Items

As a result of lockdown, some of our fitness goals require some creativity to be achieved. With home gym equipment selling out fast online, we can find and use household items to fulfil our fitness requirements.

Here are a few ideas to help you make your workouts more challenging with objects you can find in your home.

Use paint pots as dumbbells

For a makeshift dumbbell why not try using paint pots. By lifting paint pots as part of your workout you can make many exercises more challenging, such as bicep curls or squats, with added weight.

Use a backpack as a weighted vest

Take some objects that have the right amount of weight for your experience level, some canned food or water bottles should work well. Wear the backpack as normal to add extra weight to exercises such as press ups and squats.

Use soup cans as small weights

For smaller weights, and to allow you to perform exercises such as shoulder press and lateral raises, try using soup cans. Hold one in each hand and perform as many repetitions as you can.

Use a basketball for press ups

To really challenge yourself, try to perform press-ups on a basketball. The more inflated the basketball the trickier it will be. This exercise will really test your tricep and pectoral muscle strength.

Keep it Social

There are a great number of opportunities now to take your fitness classes online. For those that previously took spinning classes or did group workouts such as dance and yoga, these opportunities are a great option to keep your activities social.

Within your friendship groups, utilise video call technology to make workouts more enjoyable. For example, launch a zoom call for a yoga session or a skype call for a dance lesson. You’ll be able to chat throughout and the workout will fly by.

For those whose friends are not so fitness-oriented but still want a challenging and social workout, check-out live workouts from personal trainers on Instagram. You’ll find a whole host of exercise activities that you can get involved with, from boxing and dance classes to pilates and yoga. You’ll also find workouts on other social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, so whatever you fancy doing there is loads out there for you to get involved in.


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