Is Yoga Good For You: Exercise To Relax Your Mind Body and Soul

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Is Yoga Good For You

What are the typical psychological hurdles to overcome when considering yoga – or any exercise? We all know what they are, but they don’t usually matter anyway: excuses are self-fulfilling. But what if you knew that yoga for 15 minutes in the morning was feasible with a vast choice of instructors at your fingertips? Or 30 minutes, or an hour: your choice?

What if you knew (as you do) that yoga is good for you, that yoga can even help you lose weight, ease your back pain, and can be integrated into your mindfulness and meditative routines? Maybe you’ve read our posts on mindfulness, intuitive fitness and even on essential oils.

But still you resist perhaps.

is yoga good for you, Is Yoga Good For You: Exercise To Relax Your Mind Body and Soul

You may recall our post on yoga and stress, for example

You are anxious about going to a studio or you just want an in-home companion for tips and motivation. But WHO?

And you know what’s around the corner: holidays. A lot of stress and busywork – for anyone, under any circumstances.

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Yogastreaming Your Morning: Choose Your Teachers Well

is yoga good for you, Is Yoga Good For You: Exercise To Relax Your Mind Body and Soul


Why YogaDownload?

There is a highly entertaining story Malcolm Gladwell tells about spaghetti sauce which answers the question of why, improbably enough.

This TED talk is almost 20 years old, but he still today makes reference to its conclusions: in the 1970’s a food scientist ‘discovered’ there is no 1 perfect sauce for consumers with the ideal sugar / salt ratio, consistency, flavor etc. There are instead a vast range of ‘perfect’ combinations. Seems obvious, no? This epiphany netted the Avis of spaghetti sauces, Prego, a $600 million windfall with their ‘chunky’ line of sauces and a new era of supermarket bounty began.

That sums up the chief appeal of this program to us: you can tailor your experience to meet your goals with your favorite instructors. You can stream online or download for offline viewing at any level and any style, but if some personalities do not suit you, choose another: there are over 70 instructors, including the world-famous Shiva Rea and a wide array of leading instructors with different areas of focus, giving guidance in over 1600 classes and programs!

Forget spaghetti sauce, that’s more choice than the cereal aisle offers 😄

Two random examples:

“Claire Petretti Marti has been practicing, studying, and teaching yoga since 1999. Like many fitness enthusiasts, she was initially drawn to yoga for its physical benefits of strength, balance, and flexibility. Once Claire realized that serenity, peace of mind, and a general sense of happiness were predominant results of the practice, she was hooked.”

“Ron Alexander Ronald A. Alexander, PhD is a licensed psychotherapist, leadership consultant, clinical trainer, & the author of the widely acclaimed book, Wise Mind, Open Mind”. He teaches ”Mindful Meditations for Creative Transformation.”

Targeted Solutions: Yoga For Weight Loss, Detox and More

Aside from offering a wide variety of individual classes, there are also various yoga programs to help you target specific goals, such as yoga for weight loss, detox, better sleep, and pregnancy.

They also have challenges, like the Lunch Break Yoga Challenge and 5-Day Evening Yoga Challenge. See for example:

How Does It Work and How Much Does it Cost?


is an online yoga subscription that streams hundreds of yoga classes across numerous levels and styles.

Aside from streaming, there are also options available to download classes for offline use. Gift Certificates


The app features a simple, clean layout that makes it easy to find the class you want quickly. You can access your account either from the website or app. With any subscription, you can stream an unlimited number of yoga classes. Your membership gives you access to classes both on the web and on an app for iOS and Android. Both are extremely easy to navigate.

Classes are prerecorded in a yoga studio with the instructor, and most classes include students, everyday yogis who help provide a visual for you as you practice.

Each class will give you an idea of how much you’ll sweat and what level is suitable. The levels offer a wider spectrum than just “beginner”, “intermediate”, “advanced”. There’s also “advanced beginner” and “advanced intermediate” which makes it easier to find the ideal class for your current skill level. The site uses “Ahhhhhh” for the lowest intensity, “Everyday Namaste” for a little more intensity, “You’ll Feel It” for medium intensity, and “Bring a Towel” for the high-intensity classes.

Subscription Cost

YogaDownload offers three different subscription options, with the most economical being the annual plan for $120. This works out to $10/month or $0.33 cents per day and comes with an unlimited number of classes that you can use offline.

There are also two monthly plans available: The Standard plan at $12/month and the Unlimited plan at $18 monthly. The Unlimited plan is the same as the annual plan, but you pay a higher rate on a monthly basis. The Standard plan includes unlimited streaming but only two downloads a month.

But if you don’t intend to watch many videos offline, the Standard plan works.

is yoga good for you, Is Yoga Good For You: Exercise To Relax Your Mind Body and Soul

Other Good Stuff: Filter, Tailor, Choose

  • You can filter classes by length, style, difficulty, intensity, or focus. So
  • You can find exactly the kind of yoga class you want to do in seconds.
  • You can also find classes based on your goals, whether you just want to learn the basics, relieve back pain, become more flexible, get more toned, or be more mindful.
  • There is also a library of documentaries you can stream if you’re looking to learn a little more about yoga philosophy and other yoga-related topics.
  • You can rate classes and leave public reviews for other members to see.

Equipment Required

is yoga good for you, Is Yoga Good For You: Exercise To Relax Your Mind Body and Soul

For the traditional yoga classes, you need at least a high-quality yoga mat. You don’t want to waste money on a mat that you’re slipping on all the time, for example. You may also need or want cushions, straps, locks, etc.

For all yoga gear and equipment we wholeheartedly recommend this fantastic (really) group:


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