Intuitive Fitness Diary Day 2: I Do What I Want!

Diary Day 2

When I was a kid, I wanted to be Bruce Lee. I got a little older, moody and overweight – so that didnt work out! I had good hand-eye coordination but wasn’t great at sports. Still, I did start going to the gym, like a lot of people. I enjoyed some aspects but I honestly felt it was a chore. Plus, it seemed ridiculous to drive to a workout.

And the quest for a perfect body can be quite stressful and time-consuming. The majority of people have complex personal lives and relationships and our bodies are – typically – not giving us an income. So, I won’t stop enjoying myself just to avoid a minimal change in body fat and liquids.

With that said, going out is pretty rare – Im not 20 or even 30 anymore.

Party without a hangover

I met Isabella at the Red Lounge almost 2 years ago. What I really like about the the place is the cool minimalist Asian décor and the fact that the music is not extremely loud: you can actually have a conversation.

It’s almost impossible to eat and drink healthily in a night club, and I wasn’t planning to ruin my night because of extreme restrictions about my diet. But I was aware that we tend to punish the body with unnecessary excess, and I was not planning to do that, either.

I ate plenty and drank, maybe a bit more than I should have because group pressure is a bit difficult to handle.

And even though I got distracted quite a lot, I also tried to stay in connection with my body, asking myself when I had enough of this or that. At the same time, I danced almost all night long, to the point of being breathless and drenched in sweat. That’s a serious whole body workout.

intuitive fitness, Intuitive Fitness Diary Day 2: I Do What I Want!

I was definitely enjoying myself, but not punishing my body mindlessly in the process.

I ate veggie pizza and mostly drank Pegu Clubs, and Singapore Slings, both based on gin to avoid mixing up spirits.

When I went back home, I was not feeling heavy, nauseous, or dizzy. Just extremely tired because my feet were literally hurting from so much dancing. I actually planned for this before going out, and Isabella loves dancing, too. That’s why I use dancing as a physical activity for these special occasions. I didn’t feel a hangover the day afer, I was just tired and felt the workout in my feet and legs.

A visit to the grocery store

As expected, I woke up very late. Izzy stayed with me at home and made breakfast in bed! Eggs, turkey bacon, and chicken noodle soup because she thought I was going to have a hangover.

After eating and fooling around for a while -time flies when she’s around- we went to the grocery store together. That’s something I do every Saturday morning.

Throughout the week, I keep a simple app where I check the ingredients that I need for the next visit to the grocery store. On my Saturday morning visit, I know what to buy and try not to wander off my list: this takes only a little discipline, but is important.

intuitive fitness, Intuitive Fitness Diary Day 2: I Do What I Want!

I went back home with everything I needed for the rest of the week, and started cooking beans, mushrooms, rice, and everything else that you can prepare and store for the days ahead. Yes, rice. Like someone else I know, I’ve done Keto but just missed my grains too much!

I don’t want to play tennis

My roommate Bruno sometimes invites me to go out and play tennis. In most cases I agree to play with him and I love the competition, but not today. Actually, I was really tired from the day before and felt I needed a rest day. Also tennis = travel, like the gym.

Izzy had left, so for the next hour, I used the time to watch another episode of “Warrior Nun” while eating a chicken mushroom frittata I whipped up. Now I’m writing this diary and plan to meditate and connect my body and mind. I will use my timer app and set 4 intervals, 5 minutes each after a 2-minute introduction.

In the 2-minute introduction, I will do breathing exercises and feel my body in contact with the ground and the seat. Then, when I feel fully aware about myself, I will start with the intervals:

  • 5 minutes to evaluate how I felt about the party, what I did, how I made people feel.
  • 5 minutes to perform a quick scan of my body and get in touch of what it needs to be healthier and happy
  • 5 minutes to stimulate brainstorming and let thoughts run through the mind
  • 5 minutes to be aware of my senses and come back to my routine

My intuitive fitness decision for tonight

I’m back, writing after my meditation session. I realized I was wrong when I wrote I needed a rest day. Actually, yesterday was a rest day and I realized I was adopting a lazy attitude. My body needs a workout to feel better, especially because yesterday I did have a few more drinks than I should. I’m not doing cardio because I feel tired of dancing, but I definitely need to work out my biceps, shoulders, and abdomen.

As I write these final lines, I’m preparing for my home gym session tonight. I will aim for 30-40 minutes and focus on biceps curls, shoulder press, and two different types of abdominal exercises I will come up with later.

I do not enjoy shoulder exercises much, so I will combine them with an exercise I really enjoy, and that is biceps. I’m planning to alternate one biceps and one shoulder exercise to avoid feeling pressure about completing my shoulder routine. That way, I won’t be exercising because “I should”. By alternating with something I enjoy a lot, I have realized I can complete my routines because “I want”.


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