I Can’t Stop Binge Eating! Help!


Still searching for a diet plan that can help you lose weight effectively? Not able to stop binge eating?

Trust me, a few months back, I was in the same boat as you. I would look up for healthy diet plans every other week. Follow it for two days. And then end up having a huge bag of chips and coke at the end of the day. I would be the last one to get off the dinner table, having eaten way more than I should have.

I was a mess. My mom would tell me hundreds of times to eat less and lose my weight. But all in vain. And I couldn’t blame anyone else for this because it was me who needed to change my attitude towards food.

Now let me tell you the other side of the story. Think what?

Fast forward a few months, I am now on healthy and sustainable diets, which are not only nutritious but also fulfill my cravings for food.

You must be intrigued. What could I have done to get fit in just a few months?

Well, it was a huge effort. Here I am going to share what I did to control my food cravings and change my eating habits.

Step #1. Understanding the Problem with Binge Eating

The first step towards getting on the right track is to learn the rights and wrongs. The goods and the bad. Eating is not a bad thing. I would say, even eating junk food every once in a while is good for your body.

However, you should be aware of the problems concerned with binge eating. Some of those are:

  1.   Weight Gain

    This is what everyone is worried about. It’s a known fact that eating more means you gain weight. I can still recall that I gained almost 10 Kgs during the summer vacations because of the insane amount of food I ate.  This weight gain, if ignored, can lead you to become obese.

  1.   Sleep Apnea

    It is common among people who binge eat that they have difficulty breathing when asleep. Imagine being that unhealthy that a simple exercise like sleeping causes your body to get exhausted. I know it because I have been there.

  1.   Heart Diseases

    Eating unhealthilz may also lead to serious heart and lung diseases. If you are incorporating oily foods in your diet, you are at the risk of getting high cholesterol levels and diabetes.


Learning about various problems linked with binge eating was an eye-opener for me because I never considered eating as something that could become a curse for me. I could feel myself breathing heavily whenever I went out for a walk and even felt tired after climbing a few stairs. So, without waiting any further, I started to look into what I could do to stop binge eating.

Step #2. Understanding How Diets Work

The next step in my journey to fitness was learning about diets. From vegetarian plans to banana diets to keto, I tried everything. Every week, I would be up on google looking for a diet plan that had my favorite food (At-least some of it!), yeah. Every week I would go out and buy food in bulk, which would go to waste.

One simple piece of advice? Don’t do this!

From my experience, it is not how dieting works. There is a simple calculation that researchers have now unearthed. To put it simply, it is not about what you eat. It is about how much you eat. Even if you are having pizza or a burger for dinner, it will not affect your health as long as you are eating it in moderation.

Researchers claim that every person has a propensity to burn calories through his or her everyday routine, such as walking, fidgeting, or even sleeping. The food you eat gives you the calories to perform these tasks. If you are taking in fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight. If you take in more than you burn, you will gain weight. It is that simple.

Now the question is; what is your daily calorie requirement?

You can easily know your daily calorie requirement by considering various factors such as your height, weight, and your activity level.

Once you know the required calories, you can start by cutting down on some calories. For instance, if you require 2000 calories per day, you can start by taking in only 1800 calories, creating a deficit of 200. Gradually, you can increase this deficit to 500. At that rate, you would be losing a pound of weight every week.

Step #3. Maintaining a Record

The next step in my journey to stop binge eating was creating a journal. I would sit down every night to write about the things that I had eaten and then add up the calories. I believe journaling is a great way to keep yourself on track as it helped me stay true to my motive. Every day, I would feel excited to learn if I had achieved my goal for that day.

If you are looking for something more convenient, you can use a calorie tracking application to track your daily calories. My favorite is  MyFitnessPal because it has simple user interference, and I could use this app to track my daily calorie intake and burn. Once you are regular at maintaining a record, you automatically start the calorie calculations in your mind.

Step #4. Burning Extra Calories

The next step was thinking about how to burn calories and maintain a calorie intake and burn balance? Here are a few things that I tried.

  1.   Including Some Cardio

    I learned that some simple and fun activities could contribute a lot to weight management. A simple 30 min walk could help you burn off about 100 calories, which you can then use to eat a small snack.For me, this extra activity was swimming. I started swimming every alternate day and found it an effective way to relax and lose some extra calories.

    If you have a busy schedule and can’t make out time for a long fitness routine, consider including HIIT workouts to your plan. HIIT workouts aim to raise your heart rate in a short period of time and help burn as many calories as you would in a longer moderate-intensity session.

  1.   Intermittent Fasting

    The concept of intermittent fasting doesn’t necessarily include burning calories. However, the principle is the same. This consists of a time window where you are allowed to consume calories and the other window where you fast without having anything except water. 

    The most usual case is the 16-8 hours’ time window, which I followed as well. Here, you stay in a fasted state for 16 hours and eat for the remaining 8 hours. It works wonders to reduce the probability of eating more.

  1.   10,000 Steps a Day

    Walk 10,000 steps a day. You can do it all day long. Use a tracking app on your smartphone to track the number of steps you take. I used the Samsung Health app, which uses GPS to track how much distance you have walked. By incorporating this, you can make way for a small treat by burning some calories.

  1.   Take the Stairs

    Climbing a flight of stairs is an excellent way to burn calories because a 15 min climb can help you burn about 100 calories. Take the stairs every day to get your metabolism going.

  1.   Green Tea

    Green tea is a great option to kick start your metabolism. Have it every day right after you wake up, and you will feel the difference in a few days. Other metabolism kickers are black coffee and hot lime water.

Step #5. Keep Hustling

The final step is to never give up. I know you must be thinking, “it’s easier said than done,” but I advise this because I have done it myself.

Motivation is the key to success.  You must believe in yourself and in the process that you have chosen to control your food cravings. Be consistent when it comes to maintaining your meals.

I, too, have seen days where keeping a diet was extremely difficult, and I ended up eating a lot. However, this should not be the end. It does not matter if you fail once, twice, or thrice. What matters is that you create a plan that you can stick to in the long run and ENJOY every single day.

The process is tough. It takes time. But the day you see the weighing scale shift to the left, you will realize that all the sacrifices were worth it! Happy eating 😊

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