Health Benefits of swimming

Women Swimming

There is no denying the fact that swimming provides countless benefits for people of all ages. Everyone knows that exercise is vital to living a long healthy life, and swimming is arguably the greatest, simplest form of exercise – low-impact, fat burning, strength-building and FUN! Whether you are looking to….

  • Lose weight
  • Eliminate stress
  • Stay fit during pregnancy
  • Recover from cancer

… there are a multitude of benefits to swimming – and even taking lessons and swim classes; its never too late. Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits:

Lose weight

Swimming helps you to lose body weight and shed excess fat. Burning about eight extra calories per minute is possible with swimming. You only need to swim at a rate of 50 yards per minute. Moreover, if you do the cycle fifteen times, then the equivalent burn is 20 calories.

Eliminate stress

Something all women suffer from daily is stress. Whether it is from work, the family, or strain in a relationship, swimming can help you relax and forget about all your worries. It will enhance your energy levels while allowing you to have a good time and enjoy the company of other people in the pool, lake, sea or even class.

Stay fit during pregnancy

Swimming during pregnancy can be extremely beneficial. Performing this form of exercise will help strengthen abdominal and shoulder muscles. Along with building muscles in these areas, it will also relieve you of joint pains and other discomforts that come with being pregnant. Most importantly, there have been studies that found women are far less likely to have a miscarriage if they swim during pregnancy.

Help in cancer recovery

Another benefit of swimming for women has to do with breast cancer. Many medical experts recommend a woman who has just had surgery for breast cancer to swim, as it toughens weakened muscles. Just make sure you do talk to a doctor before engaging in such activity to ensure it is the proper way to go in your particular case.

Benefits of Teaching Your Kids to Swim at an Early Age

Teaching kids to swim at an early age can undoubtedly have a wide range of benefits, least of all the fact that they can, in turn, grow up to be champion swimmers in their own right, preferably early on.

Learning to swim can save a child’s life.

Teaching children to swim at a very early age ensures that kids do not have any fear of water or drowning – anxieties which they tend to develop as they grow up. It is widely recognized that if infants are thrown into the water (NOT recommended!), the chances are good that they will manage to swim their way to safety, even if they have never really been taught how to swim. This is because swimming is mostly an instinctive behavior. Yet, the majority of us do need to be taught how to swim simply because we were not exposed to swimming in our formative years. Over time, fear crept in, and instincts somehow ended up taking a back seat.

Kids who swim regularly tend to have better physiques and few ailments. Their overall strength and vitality remain robust for long, and they also grow up to be more health-conscious and athletic.

It improves concentration in children

Moreover, besides the physical aspect, it has been seen that the mental health of kids who learn how to swim at an early age also tends to be far superior. For instance, it has been reasonably well established that swimming allows the mind to concentrate better and to remain focused on the task at hand. Accordingly, kids who swim regularly often tend to perform better in academics as well and usually tend to emerge out of academic life as well-honed, dynamic citizens.

It is also true that learning to swim at an early age has a rub-off effect well into adulthood. Swimming tends to become a habit of sorts, with the attendant mental and physical health benefits bearing fruit at later stages of life.


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