Flushing out Toxins: Myth and Reality


‘Detoxing’ is trendy but how much do you really know about it? When is it appropriate and how you do it?

Detoxification in medical science and folk knowledge

Detoxification has been practiced in medicine since ancient times. The earliest stories about detoxification come from poisoning and antidotes, and we can’t forget leeches and bloodletting as an early detox method to clean the ‘humours of the body.

In modern medicine, we also practice detoxification, especially when we get an overdose or after the exposure of individuals to a contaminated environment. In a nutshell, what we try to do in medical detox is either protect the liver and speed up the elimination of toxins OR use a special antidote to neutralize their harmful effects and let the body get rid of them on its own.

Either way, detox relies on the normal function of the liver to metabolize toxins. This is the first step to preparing these substances for elimination through the urine or in the bile.

Conventional medicine does not consider detox necessary if you’re not intoxicated or have an overdose. But you can also prevent toxin exposure and protect your liver function, which counts as detox even if you’re not actually intoxicated.

But the word “toxin” can be used to describe almost everything, and even an excess of water can become a threat in cases of overhydration, also known as water toxemia. Given the broad nature of the word, you may also find misleading claims only meant to catch your attention and invite you to spend your money.

So, consumer, be aware. Many detox methods may help you speed up your liver function, protect your organs, get rid of contaminants, and give you peace and quiet of mind you need to maintain your health. But others do not come from a trustworthy source and may work as a placebo or cause unexpected harm.

Scientific advice to keep yourself clean

If you consider the scientific literature, keeping your body clean from toxins and improving your liver and kidney function is not as difficult as it seems. You can follow the majority of recommendations at home and without much assistance:

  • Try to drink around 2 liters of water every day
  • Exercise every day and do not be afraid to sweat
  • Clean your house often and check for sources of humidity and dust
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables, and avoid excessive calorie intake during the day
  • Prefer foods with a higher dietary fiber, which promote intestinal transit and elimination
  • Use medications responsibly by following the doctor’s instructions
  • Sometimes you don’t really need medications to calm down pain or sleep. Try to use alternative methods first.
  • Rely on herbs and other remedies to boost your liver function.

A few of the best detox spas around the world (You can dream!)

There’s nothing better for detox than a healthy diet, a healing routine, and peace of mind. These are beautiful places you can visit for a complete body and mind reset. Would you like to lose yourself in another world for a few minutes? Try these links 🙂


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