Aerobic Home Workout: the Joys of Boxing


Stuck at home and nobody to compete with on the court or field? Or do you want to be the next Ali – Muhammed OR Laila?!

Using a punch bag is an ideal way to give your body an intensive physical workout while cleansing your mind of stress and frustration.

Boxing training is an effective form of aerobic exercise which you can participate in without the dangers posed by entering a ring. If it’s something you can see yourself getting into, then read on as we discuss the numerous health benefits and the best products on the market.

Physical health benefits

Aerobic Fitness

The main health benefit from boxing training is improved aerobic fitness. If it’s your first time then pace yourself, as using a punch bag is incredibly physically intensive. You’ll soon find yourself out of breath as the punch bag gives you a comprehensive full body workout.

Core and coordination

Using a punch bag will also contribute to your core strength by working your ab muscles and obliques. A strong core will help combat back pain and improve your stability when performing other exercises.

The action of throwing punches at the bag will also improve your coordination. With punch combinations, you’ll need to strike the bag in rhythm and coordinate your foot movement with your upper body in order to throw a powerful punch.

Stamina and endurance

As you increase the length and frequency of your boxing workouts, you’ll begin to develop stamina and endurance. As your body adjusts to the physicality of the activity it will be able to maintain intensity for a longer period. With increased stamina you’ll find you get less tired with day-to-day activities.

Mental health benefits

Self-esteem and confidence

By improving your strength and self-defence skills you will see an increase in your self-esteem and confidence. Your confidence will benefit from your improved athleticism and your ability to defend yourself in the unlikely case you might need to.

Reduced stress

Boxing training also helps reduce your stress. Many find that using a punch bag is a good way to release their frustrations as the physical exercise causes your body to release endorphins that lift your mood and soothe your stress.

aerobic home workout, Aerobic Home Workout: the Joys of Boxing

Best products on the market

Outshock 850 Punch Bag

This 33lb punch bag from Outshock is the perfect option for beginners who are just starting out with boxing training. It offers fabric padding for great cushioning and a fabric cover for durability.

40lb Everlast Punch Bag

For a heavier option, check out this 40lb punch bag from Everlast. The bag is covered with a synthetic leather to ensure you get plenty of use from the product.

Everlast Training Gloves

These Everlast training gloves have an extra layer of foam for added protection for your hands. There is also extra padding on the wrists to ensure your hand is in the correct position.

Jayefo Beginners Gloves

For beginner’s gloves, these Jayefo Beginners Gloves have 3 layers of padding for extra protection. They also offer vent holes in order to reduce bad odors and increase comfort.


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